August 7, 2013

New Canon camera is set to take over mainstream cinema… but what about corporate video production??

Late last year Canon released information about their new camera the C300. Ideal for cinematography over stills unlike previous Canon camera releases such as the 5D series which has over recent years become a preferred choice for pro cinematographers and photographers alike. Unlike the 5D however the camera is competing with the higher end of the market with brands such as RED, Arri and Sony that are used for cinema production.  Much speculation surrounds the C300 as 2010 saw the RED cam being used over 35mm in feature films such as ‘The Social Network’ making digital a credible option. Digital over film has many advantages in film making as it reduces cost and time in the creation of daily rushes, making it a more practical option in the long run on larger projects.

Critics claim the output resolution of the C300 is HD and not 4K as Canon are suggesting as it has an output of 1920×1080 resolution, however, Canon claim, due to its 4K sampling in its 16:9 CMOS censor, higher resolution is created despite outputting to only 1080p. Cinema projectors are only able to project 2K so one has to wonder how important a higher resolution within the camera is when the output format will have to be lower than this, especially with regard to corporate video unless it is being shown at a conference where it will be shown on a projector your video’s main platform will most likely be your website. This means it will mostly be shown on a small scale the size of a postcard…if not smaller. So will your corporate video benefit from being filmed on such a high resolution format at all? The difference in resolution will be small or arguably non existent to the untrained eye if it is shown on a website.

With it being shown on this platform it is guaranteed the overall difference will not be as obvious as if it was shown on a large IMAX projector. Yet most people will be perceive the video to have a higher production value ( whether they are aware this is because it has been downscaled from a very large resolution or not). Meaning a higher resolution to your video will also raise audiences overall impressions of the quality…. consequently benefiting their overall perception of your brand.

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