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Interested in finding new customers from Social Media?

Great, that is precisely what Flow20 does.

Adding Social Media advertising to your marketing mix is an effective way to add a new source of leads and customers for your business and with average Cost Per Clicks for Social Media advertising campaigns, some 30% less than Google Ads, it can be more cost-effective too.

Delivering new customers for businesses just like yours is what Flow20 has been doing since 2008 so if you want to begin growing your business, Flow20 can help.
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Flow20 has been delivering leads and sales for our clients since 2008, so when it comes to converting website visitors into leads, our Social Media ad campaigns typically deliver leads and enquiries approx. 30% below industry averages (check out our Results page for some success stories).

How we do that is simple, really. By spending several hours during the research phase and carrying out competitor analysis, using ad intelligence tools, creating highly segmented campaign structures so all elements can be performance-tested against each other we get insights all of which is then formulated into your ad campaign’s strategy.

The result is campaign that utilises best-practices, elements and a structure that has been setup for success.

And that is precisely why our Social Media advertising management charges are tied to your results not our time.

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Of course. When we’re taking over an existing campaign whether that is currently being managed in-house or externally, the first thing we do is to carry out a detailed audit that’ll go over everything from setup, strategy, past performance and competitive analysis and we’ll then decide whether to do make all improvements to your existing campaign or begin new ones.
They’re both best suited for different purposes and campaign objectives and if your budget only allows for one, then give us a call on 0208 1500 294 and we can advise which platform to go for once we have better understanding of your business and goals.
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