August 7, 2013

A Health & Safety Video can help minimize injury claims

In any workplace, an employer is responsible for ensuring the Health & Safety of its employees and can be held fully responsible for any compensation or personal injury claims which results due to an accident in the workplace.

A well-crafted and detailed safety video is one way you can minimise the risk of not just accidents happening in the first place but mitigating the severity of any claims in the event of an accident.

Safety videos explaining Healthy and Safety at work is becoming used by more organisations and watching a Safety Video as part of initial training is becoming the norm in larger organisations.

We recently finished Video Production for one such client and here are some tips we picked up along the way which can help you maximise the potential benefits of a safety video and minimize risk of a claim.

Clearly mention that the bad practice shown in your video is a deliberate attempt and created for illustration purposes only and that this isn’t the norm.
Always get a written confirmation from employees after watching the safety video that they have fully understood its content and that any doubts or questions or asked before signing the form.
Your safety video should be interactive where possible. Asking employees to fill out a questionnaire at the end of the video will help in deepening their learning and further minimize the risk of accidents or compensation claims.
Have someone from the top level management, ideally, CEO or MD to provide a closing statement at the end of the video. Depending on the type of organisation, this may be cumbersome to do on a regular basis. However, this shows deep commitment to safety in your organisation from all levels of management including the senior most.
Involving your legal department or attorney during the production and scripting stages can fine tune and iron out any imperfections or oversights with the final product

Most professional organisations take safety at work seriously. However, going the extra mile will not only help your organisation stand out as a safety conscious brand but more importantly, make for a safer environment at work.

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