August 11, 2013

Website metrics of popular fashion websites

At Flow20, we carry out a lot of Web Design work for fashion companies and was intrigued when I was recently asked by a client in the said industry how their website compared to the big fashion websites around the globe. So, I decided to do a little more
August 7, 2013

Design considerations for mobile websites

If you’re considering having a mobile version of your desktop website created, there has never been a better time to do so. In terms of searches, the mobile web has already taken over the desktop web (and the upward trend seems like it will continue) and with 2 out

Some unique requirements of a Fashion Ecommerce website

At, we have over 4 years of experience creating user-friendly and stylish websites for clients involved in the fashion and apparel industry and although any website we design needs to be easy to use and Search Engine friendly at the very least, when it comes to development, its

9 Website Improvement Tips that cost nothing but will significantly improve your website performance

Every day we come into contact with a lot of websites, either whilst browsing or looking for design inspiration for a client website. It’s surprising to see just how many websites are out there, that still don’t follow the most basic principles of web design that will ensure conversion

How much time does your website visitor spend on your website?

If you have a website, chances are, you have some sort of analytics tool such as Google Analytics which gives you insights into what your website visitors do whilst on your website (and if you don’t, then I suggest you stop reading and get this installed on your site

Stock or real photos for your new website?

When we’re building a new webiste, quite often, we have had clients ask us whether we reccomend using real photos on their website or stock photos which can be purchased from a website like  So, we decided to make a list of the pros and cons of using

Starting an Ecommerce website for fashion?

In most cases, the technical requirements of your Ecommerce platform will be slightly different to online retailers selling hardware, Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) or other, standardardized items. Whilst any decent ecommerce platform is fully customizable nowadays, it does’nt hurt to have an idea about the technical requirements and capabilities

How to avoid any negative impact on SEO when redesigning your website

If your current website’s look/feel hasn’t been updated for a while or you feel it doesn’t accurately represent your brand, then a new website can help your users connect with your brand better. However, if your current website has good or in fact any search engine rankings, there are