October 1, 2020

How to Make Your Website Accessible to Users with Disabilities

Digital inclusion is a topic of growing importance for every marketer and business owner and if you have a website, you must make it accessible to people who are blind, deaf or have certain other disabilities. It’s going to be the law. Legislation in EU, UK & USA In
Https key
January 18, 2017

Why It’s Now More Important than Ever to Use a HTTPS Protocol and How to Introduce It to Your Website

Privacy is harder and harder to come by, both in the digital world and the real one.  However, while the decline of ‘real world’ privacy means that your favourite park bench might always be occupied, the lack of privacy in the digital world is potentially dangerous. The digital age
Google website logo
November 13, 2013

Get feedback on your website by Google

This Monday, 18th November, Google is offering short, website reviews for website owners across the web. Google hasn’t given a lot of information on exactly what kind of feedback website owners can expect excepting that “For this hangout, we’ll review sites that are submitted via the moderator page and
August 11, 2013

Website metrics of popular fashion websites

At Flow20, we carry out a lot of Web Design work for fashion companies and was intrigued when I was recently asked by a client in the said industry how their website compared to the big fashion websites around the globe. So, I decided to do a little more

Is WordPress good for Ecommerce websites?

WordPress is a self-hosting platform used by millions of bloggers today. This platform which once started as a blogging tool has now evolved into one of the worlds most popular Content Management System (CMS) serving the needs of not just bloggers but businesses of all sizes as well as
August 7, 2013

Mobile vs responsive web design

It’s all about giving your customers the most optimized and convenient experience your web site can provide. After all, if your visitors aren’t enjoying their experience, they won’t stay long. So what’s the difference between mobile and responsive web design? Let’s take a look… Mobile Web DesignA mobile website

Ecommerce case study – 30% increase in pages per visit

Introduction Based in Portsmouth, PSouth is one of the biggest installers and distributers of Permaroof roofing solutions. At the time of initial contact with client, the business had been growing rapidly mainly by the way of repeat business and referrals from existing clients. PSouth wanted to take this one

Design considerations for mobile websites

If you’re considering having a mobile version of your desktop website created, there has never been a better time to do so. In terms of searches, the mobile web has already taken over the desktop web (and the upward trend seems like it will continue) and with 2 out

Some unique requirements of a Fashion Ecommerce website

At flow20.com, we have over 4 years of experience creating user-friendly and stylish websites for clients involved in the fashion and apparel industry and although any website we design needs to be easy to use and Search Engine friendly at the very least, when it comes to development, its