Focusing on leads not clicks

Google AdWords started some 15 years ago and whilst the platform has evolved significantly over this time, what hasn’t changed is the cornerstone of a successful PPC campaign i.e. leads.

When it comes to Pay Per Click (PPC), Flow20’s entire methodology is centred around creating campaigns that is likely to deliver leads.

And, this isn’t just about telling you what we think you want to hear. By combining our expertise in landing page Conversion Rate Optimisation as well as the science that goes into creating a successful keyword strategy in SEO, we’re able to configure and manage campaigns that yields lower Cost Per Clicks (CPC) and higher visitor-to-lead conversion rates.




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Reports you’ll want to read

You cant improve what you don’t measure which is why our PPC campaign reports has a lot more Key Performance Indictors than CPC and a breakdown of ad spend.

Apart from reporting on all-important ROI metrics such as Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) we also evaluate engagement metrics such as Bounce Rates, time on site and pages/session as this can often give us subtle clues on identifying bottlenecks in the conversion process and/or suggestions for improvements.



Why Flow20?

It all comes down to our expertise across related verticals such as SEO and optimising conversion rates and how we’re able to blend it together to create PPC campaigns that are designed with lead generation from the ground up.

We help businesses grow with the power of Google AdWords, creating and managing accounts with 20% less CPC rates than industry averages and higher click through rates [learnmore on some of the ways we do this].

What are the available PPC channels and recommendations?

With over 80% of searches in UK being carried out on Google and the AdWords platform commanding a similar market share for paid ads, this is always the first paid ad platform of choice. For Ecommerce, we have Google shopping and Product Listing Ads which are very effective too.

Facebook and/or LinkedIn is a close second depending on your industry whilst Instagram and twitter ads can be effective too.

What are your fees?

Our monthly management fees starts from 15% of your monthly ad spend with a minimum of £550. Set up charges vary depending on complexity and scope with Ecommerce projects costing more.

How quickly am I likely to see a return on my investment?

The answer to that depends on a number of factors such as your domain, brand presence and online competitiveness of your industry to name only a few. For new AdWords account, it can take a few weeks before you start getting any clicks so that is something to bear in mind too. Of course, there are ways to expedite results by bidding too aggressively on your CPCs but that is something we seldom advise as its all too easy to overspend and not see a commensurate return.

Can you guarantee top 4 ad positions on Google AdWords?

We can’t guarantee Unfortunately, it is simply impossible to do so as there are a lot of factors which will affect your ad positions including the amount of Cost per Click you are willing to pay, your budget and so on.

In fact, unlike Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), it sometimes make more sense not to compete for top positions in a PPC campaign, especially when the buying life-cycle of your product is long and carrying out extensive research before making a purchase is common.

Ultimately, our expertise lies in providing a measurable positive return on your ad spend and your ad's position will not alone determine this.

Why Choose Flow20


There’s no better indicator on campaign performance than how many customers your PPC campaign is delivering which is why you’ll often find us obsessing over this number!


Getting traffic at competitive CPCs is just half the story. Getting those visitors to convert is where the real Return on Investment lies and is something we build into our strategy from day 1

Proactive management

We manage PPC campaigns actively and in most cases daily making the necessary adjustments and tweaks to improve Quality Scores and reduce Cost Per Clicks

Split testing

Using Google Analytics’ inbuilt conversion testing tool, we evaluate several landing page versions during the setup to come up with the one most likely to deliver the best retur

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