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Now more than ever, your PPC budget needs to deliver a significant return.

The sad truth is that most PPC campaigns are giant money pits resulting in a lot of clicks and impressions but very few leads to show for it.

Flow20 is aiming to change all that with our revolutionary Pay Per Lead pricing model which simply put, means you pay us for results not how much time we spend managing your campaign.

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What if you could get your competitors to share their secrets on what’s working for their PPC campaigns?

That’s precisely what using tools such as SEMRush, SpyFu and Auction Insights report on Google Ads allow you to do and at Flow20, we’re big fans of that!

We spend a large portion of our time analysing what’s working for your competitor’s campaigns (during setup and ongoing) which means better performing campaigns for you.

If you’re spending over £5k in monthly ad spend then Flow20 doesn’t charge a fixed cost and instead 100% of what you will pay us is against number of leads that come in as a result of our efforts.

If your monthly ad budget is below £5k then the PPC management charge is approx. £550 ex VAT.

We most certainly can.

Whether we’re taking over from your current PPC management company or you’ve been managing the campaigns on your own, the first thing we do is to carry out an account audit to assess the campaign setup.

In most cases we would set up new ones as we’re likely to find a lot of room for improvement and it’s often better to start a new campaign then make lots of changes to an existing one.

In cases where we find the campaigns have been setup well and adhere to best-practices (which mostly happens when we’re taking over from another established PPC agency) we would establish historical performance benchmarks so we can begin work on improving those.

Typically, the main KPIs here are conversion rate, cost per conversion and number of conversions with your secondary KPIs such as click-through rates (CTR), Quality Scores, impression share to name a few.

If this is the first time you’re trying PPC then we can certainly make budget recommendations based on your industry’s average cost per clicks, expected conversion rates and your lead targets.

Of course these are just estimates and the actual ad spend you will need to see a positive ROI in the desired period of time can vary

Anywhere between a few weeks and up to 2 months is a rough estimate.

In most cases, you will begin seeing results from your Google Ads campaign within 1-2 weeks. So, you’re an Ecommerce business that means sales coming in and if you’re a service business then enquiries.

There are several benefits of working with a Google partner PPC management company in London such as Flow20.

For starters, you only get the Google partner accreditation once you’ve been managing over a certain amount in ad budget each month which means we have several campaigns running at any given time data from which we can use to improve other campaigns.

Campaigns under our belt also have to perform beyond certain benchmarks and since the partner status isn’t permanent, when you choose an accredited PPC management company you know they’ve been delivering results on a consistent basis.

We know some of you reading this will naturally want to enquire with some other PPC companies in London for a quote so we decided to save you the trouble and have listed some others here!,,,,,,,,,

Not a problem.

Several of our current campaigns are running overseas and we’ve run campaigns across several countries in Europe and Asia.

For non-English campaigns we use a network of native speaking freelancers to help us with the ad copies and provide ongoing support.

Depending on your industry and ad spend, Flow20 has a few different ways we account for fraudulent clicks.

For smaller campaigns, we regularly look at some of the inbuilt reports that Google provides such as ‘invalid clicks’ which gives us an idea as to how big of a problem this is for your campaign.
As one of the premier PPC management companies in London we know that click-fraud is more prevalent in some campaigns over others so deciding on whether you need to invest in a dedicated click fraud tool is done on a case by case basis.
For larger campaigns where monthly spend is in 5 figures and more we use either Click Guard or ClickCease, 2 of the leading and most effective tools to reduce the number of fake clicks and each month a report is sent to Google with the list and IP address of these fake clicks for a full refund.

A closer look at Flow20's PPC service

Competitor analysis

In the online world, everything you do leaves a footprint and that’s a great thing for your PPC management campaign.

As part of the Pay Per Click (PPC) setup phase, we allocate a large portion of time to carry out detailed analysis of your top three competitors so that we are able to identify important aspects such as what keywords are they spending the most on, what ad messaging is working for them, how much are they spending monthly and ultimately what is working most well for them.

User experience

Driving the right quality of traffic to your website via a selection of intelligently chosen keywords is as important as making sure your website and landing pages do an excellent job of converting that traffic into leads and sales.

As a pay per click (PPC) company with almost fourteen years of experience, we know that a landing page can make or break a campaign, which is why we invest a significant portion of our time analysing and making suggestions to improve your landing pages.

Google shopping

From a small WooCommerce site selling a few products to Shopify and Magento sites selling 000’s, Flow20 has been helping generate sales for online retailers for over a decade now.

From creating and optimising XML feeds to remarketing in order to improve your impression shares and positions to generate the highest quality of conversions, we take care of it all.

Google Ads Scripts

For manging large-scale, complex or bespoke PPC campaigns, Flow20 uses a network of tried and tested developers who program custom scripts for us to help us better manage large scale campaigns.

Scripts can be a huge time-saver when it comes to managing big PPC campaigns, making possible other seemingly impossible or extremely time consuming tasks.


Whilst many PPC management companies fear automation Flow20 embraces it.

The rise in sophistication and effectiveness of machine learning and AI technology has led to the development of some amazingly useful PPC management tools and, far from seeing this as a threat, we continue adding many of these automation tools to our arsenal in order to help us become more agile and improve our results.

Can you work with in-house teams?

We certainly can and some of our current PPC campaigns are managed in conjunction with our client’s in-house teams, where they take care of the ongoing and daily management aspects and we look after the campaigns on a more strategic level providing suggestions and guidance on a monthly basis.
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