Google Ads Training in London

Google Ads Training

  •  Designed for groups of 1 – 3 people
  •  At your place of work or our meeting room
  •  Walkthrough of live campaigns + setup of your own

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Google AdWords may be one of the quickest ways to increase traffic to your site but for most advertisers, this seldom results in much more than a lot of clicks and ad spend but little to show for it in the form of leads or customers.

Essentially, because there’s a conflict of interest - Google’s goal is to get as many clicks as possible which may or may not turn into sales whilst your goal as a Google Ads advertiser is to pay for as few clicks as possible and get the most of it.

So, whether you’re a complete beginner and want to know how to set up your Google AdWords campaign like a professional or have been running a campaign for some time but not getting many sales or enquiries, Flow20’s Google AdWords training course is for you
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Flow20’s AdWords training courses in London are unlike most others. In addition to teaching you the basic tools and skills you need to get the most out of your learning experience, you will also see data from live campaigns with 000’s in monthly ad spend to help you get an idea of what a campaign that delivers a positive ROI looks like.

You will not only develop a unique understanding of what exactly goes into high impact AdWords campaigns but also learn hacks and tricks that you can use to help you save a lot of time and wasted clicks.
Although, Flow20’s AdWords training courses are completely bespoke and designed to fulfil your learning objectives, here are some essential skills you can expect to take away
  • Creating your ad campaigns and ad groups to include only keywords that are likely to deliver sales and therefore worth bidding on
  • Find which keywords are delivering most sales for your top competitors and how to incorporate those in your own Google Adwords campaigns
  • Things to check on a weekly and monthly basis to keep your campaigns running more profitably
Whether you’re a complete beginner, an advanced AdWords marketer or simply want us to look at your campaigns and getting ways to improve your ROI, Flow20’s AdWord course will deliver.

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That will depend on a few factors such as whether you’re a complete beginner or have some prior experience, what your objectives are and how much time you can invest on your own implementing what you’ve learnt from each session.

Usually, during the first session we can give you an idea of how many sessions you may need to achieve your training goals.

There are free Google AdWords training courses available so why choose Flow20? Whilst free AdWords training courses are a viable option if your goal is to simply understand how to use the Google Ads interface, if you’re looking for an AdWords training course in London that is interactive and offers 1:1 bespoke advice relevant to your training objectives then a free course won’t be very effective.
We certainly can.

Flow20 also offers our AdWords training courses via Skype or Zoom and using their collaboration and screen-sharing tools, you can learn Google AdWords from the comfort of your work or home.
Just like any other tool or software, learning how to use it won’t take too long if you focus on understanding the fundamentals well. What you can do with the tool thereafter, the kind of results you can produce with it is of course a different matter.

As long as you’re willing to put in the time necessary to analyse your campaigns, make necessary adjustments and improvements on a consistent basis and keep testing the different elements that make up a campaign, a Google AdWords training course will be worth the investment.

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The cost of your course will depend on a few factors such as how many people are going to be present during the training session, whether you wish to have it at our meeting room or your own place of work or home.

You can purchase hours in advance and use them over a period of 3 months.

Here are guide prices:

Google AdWords training at your place of work or home - £90 (2 hours) , £140.00 half day (4 hours) or £320.00 for a full day (8 hours).

At our meeting room - £140 (2 hours), £265.00 half day (4 hours) or £450.00 for a full day session (8 hours).

* Rates ex VAT.
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