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Why are you here?

You’re here because you want to generate leads for your business. Not visitors, not page views, not meaningless traffic but leads. And, that is precisely what Flow20 does.

Using a combination of paid and organic digital marketing channels, Flow20 generates leads and sales for businesses who want to grow.

After all, that’s the purpose of a marketing campaign for a small business is it not?

The most unbiased way we can answer that question is by asking you to read some of the success stories of other businesses just like yours that we have on our Results page.

Here are some other reasons:

  • We’re a Google partner digital marketing agency with over 11 years of SEM experience

  • Flow20’s website is on page 1 for several competitive keywords such as online marketing London, PPC company, internet marketing London, Google adwords training and several more

  • Our client repeat rate is over 75%

  • We regularly publish content on sites such as SEMRush, Hubspot, Wordstream and Outbrain (publication list can be provided upon request)

  • The insights we publish on our blog has been covered by several of the biggest publications in our space such as Search Engine People, Online Marketing Institute, Single Grain, PPC.org (publication list can be provided upon request)

  • We’re a small agency (which means more competitive rates) delivering big results

  • We don't do contracts but we have projects that have now been running for multiple years, longevity which has been fueled by delivering results consistently

And, if that wasn’t enough, we also offer Pay Per Lead based digital marketing campaign pricing.

Yes we do offer campaign payment options where part of our charges is tied to results

Simply put, for an Ecommerce project, a lead is an outright purchase. For a service, it’s a genuine enquiry.

How much we charge per result would depend on factors such as your enquiry to client conversion rate, your lifetime value of a customer and profit margins

Unfortunately, no.

Any relationship, business or personal works best where both there is a certain level of commitment from both parties.

A base level of fixed fees is not only essential for Flow20 to be able to deliver the results you need but we’ve found that when clients have made a financial commitment to the campaign from day 1, no matter how small, campaign output is much higher overall.

What’s more, you will find that Flow20’s base level of fixed fee is significantly lower than what you are likely to pay to any other digital marketing agency of a similar caliber so you’re still not likely to find a better service on offer.

Anything from 50% to over a 1000% and whilst we know this is probably not very helpful, the fact is ROIs can vary greatly from one campaign to another.

Generally speaking, the longer a campaign runs, the higher the ROI tends to be as during the first phase, it is common for the ROI to be neutral or even negative until you start getting qualitative data back from the running campaigns which you can then begin using to fine tune and optimize the campaigns

Your best bet is to see some of the Case Studies on our Results page to get a better idea of our capabilities.

As a digital marketing agency we invest heavily in both, time and resources in areas that is going to increase your ROI.

For starters, we spend a significant amount of time during the setup phases analysing your competition, tracing their digital marketing footprint and analysing what is likely working for them and what we can incorporate into your own strategy.

We also invest in several market intelligence tools such as SEMRush, SE Ranking, Adalysis and Acquisio to help us get valuable insights during the initial and ongoing stages of a campaign.

Finally, we create and consume industry news, insights and trends to keep us informed on the ever-changing nature of digital marketing.

One of the most important pieces of information for us is to understand and quantify what would make the campaign a success for you and we do this by asking you to provide answers to some questions during the initial discovery phases.

Perhaps, the 2 most important questions we need answers to are 1) What are your target leads or sales number from the campaign and maximum you’re willing to spend to get a lead or sale.

We use that information to formulate the initial as well as ongoing strategy and action plan.

Here are some KPIs that are tracked and reported monthly across all our digital marketing campaigns:

  • Conversion rates of all important call-to-actions (enquiries, sales, phone calls etc)

  • Number of leads generated

  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) of each lead

  • ROI on spend

We’re big on transparency and perhaps one of the very few digital marketing agencies in London (if not the UK) that provide complete report not just on performance but also activity such as the actual list of changes made weekly to your ad campaigns, tests carried out, live URLS of the backlinks built (if SEO) and much more.

Anywhere from £550 to £3k and over (ex. VAT).

There are several factors that will impact the monthly cost for a typical digital marketing campaign such as the number of services, the campaign size, the competitiveness of your industry or sector to name a few.

Depending on the digital marketing campaign’s scope, you will be working with either one or two of us from our small but lovely team of 4.

We usually prefer having a catch-up call every 1-2 weeks and a face to face meeting when required.

Often, you can accomplish far more over a 1 hour meeting than hours of time spent exchanging emails back and forth.

Additionally, we also use project management tools such as Asana and Google Docs/Sheets to keep you informed and keep things moving along smoothly.


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