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  •  Generate B2B leads from LinkedIn
  •  Acquire leads at typically 30% less acquisition costs than Google Ads or Facebook
  •  We target prospects based on criteria you define (e.g. company size, designation etc)

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You’ve been sending out connection invites regularly, your profile views have been increasing over time, your posts are getting some likes even but none of your time and effort has resulted in generating a lead from LinkedIn yet.

You’ve been sending out connection invites regularly, your profile views have been increasing over time, your posts are getting some likes even but none of your time and effort has resulted in generating a lead from LinkedIn yet.

If that sounds familiar it’s because generating leads effectively from LinkedIn requires much more than increasing your connection count and without access to the correct prospecting tools, messaging strategy and a rigorous follow-up strategy, LinkedIn is likely to have an impact on your bottom line.

If you’re looking for a LinkedIn Advertising Agency in London who can help, get in touch with Flow20 today.
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LinkedIn is still a highly underutilised digital marketing platform for generating leads and that is great news for B2B companies.

Using a combination of sponsored updates (paid ads), Lead Gen Forms, InMail & Dynamic Ads, Flow20 can setup and manage campaigns for your business, creating a new source from which to generate new prospects and business.

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And that is precisely why our Social Media advertising management charges are tied to your results not our time.

If you’re looking for LinkedIn advertising in London, you will find few agencies that have the level of knowledge and expertise running LinkedIn lead gen campaigns that Flow20 does.

As an agency with a primarily B2B client base, we began exploring LinkedIn as a digital marketing platform long before any one else did.

We add LinkedIn to the mix for most of our B2B client campaigns and have a wealth of data that we routinely use to optimise and improve existing campaigns or launch new ones better.

That’s a good question and even if you’re a B2B business, the answer to this question is that it will depend.

As a LinkedIn advertising agency in London with the experience of double digit LinkedIn lead generation campaigns what we’ve found is that certain industries and sector can be more conductive than others.

For example, in industries where people make a buying decision primarily at the back of a recommendation or referral LinkedIn’s inherent ‘connected’ nature can work well here.

Anything from 50% to over 1000%!

Whilst that number may not be very helpful, the fact is it’s extremely difficult to give you any more solid estimates as the number can vary.

This is in part due to the fact that LinkedIn as a digital marketing platform is still relatively new and LinkedIn is constantly working on changing/improving their advertising options.

Generally speaking, the longer a LinkedIn advertising campaign runs, the higher the ROI tends to be.

Anywhere between a few weeks and up to 2 months is a rough estimate.

In most cases, you will begin seeing results from your LinkedIn advertising campaign within 1-2 weeks but as B2B sales cycle are typically longer, time to break-even and then move towards a positive ROI will be longer.

Anywhere between £550 - £1500 monthly (ex VAT) depending on factors such as your objectives, audience size, targeting options required and so on.

The best thing to do is send us your requirements using the form above and we can give you an exact figure.

There are no contracts and we just need a month’s notice should you wish to stop the campaign.

A closer look at Flow20's LinkedIn Advertising service


If you’re a B2B business then there is no other channel that can help generate more enquiries and sales for your business in the way that an advertisement campaign on LinkedIn can.

With over 630 million professional users on LinkedIn, with approximately 75% of them having some form of decision making power and an average spend typically higher than your average web audience from Google or Facebook, LinkedIn should be your go-to digital marketing platform.

And, who better to start that journey with than Flow20, one of the early-adopters LinkedIn ad agencies in London, with a proven track record of delivering triple digital ROIs from our LinkedIn advertising campaigns?

Cost effective

As a digital marketing platform for lead gen, LinkedIn is currently under-utilised compared to Google Ads or Facebook, which means the cost of generating a lead or acquiring a customer from a LinkedIn advertising campaign is less than from other platforms.

In the long run, this means you’re able to generate more business at less cost which will of course have a positive impact on your profitability and ultimate ROI.

Targeted leads

Few platforms give you the ability to target users based on quite the level of detail and preferences that a LinkedIn ads campaign can.

Want to reach out to office managers only? Company size must be over ten employees? Head quarters must be London based? Check, check and check.

And, just like any other advertising campaign on LinkedIn or otherwise, when you have such a narrowly defined audience set, that’s when you begin getting the highest response and conversion rates.

Lookalike audiences

LinkedIn’s lookalike audiences combine the traits of your ideal customer with its rich member and company data to help you market to new professional audiences similar to your existing customers, website visitors and target accounts.

This helps cut out a lot of the guesswork and trial and error that you may have to otherwise go through before your LinkedIn ads can begin generating an ROI.

Multiple formats

One of the unique features of LinkedIn ads is that it allows you to advertise in multiple formats, which makes it suitable for a range of different industries and sectors.

From sending cold, introductory emails, such as Sponsored InMail, to promote content to new users, as well as retargeting your existing website users via Sponsored Content and Text Ads, you can decide which format(s) you believe will be most effective when considering your target market.

Of course, as a full-service LinkedIn Ads agency in London, Flow20 will create the marketing strategy for you as part of the initial setup, including which formats to start with based on our knowledge and expertise gained from having run several LinkedIn lead gen campaigns over the last couple of years.
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