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Tired of paying hundreds of pounds each month for SEO but not seeing a return? Not sure exactly what you’re getting for your money’s worth? We thought so which is why we’ve done our best to make SEO service one of the best out there, both in terms of results and cost.

For starters, unlike traditional SEO campaigns, majority of our monthly cost is charged based on the amount of genuine leads we generate our SEO efforts generate. Then, there’s the question of long term contracts. There aren’t any. Finally, each month you’ll get a detailed work report (more on that below).


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SEO is changing every year and with the advent of Rank Brain, Google’s Artificial Intelligence system to process rankings and positions, getting to page 1 or top 5 doesn’t imply that you’re going to stay there. If your website’s Bounce Rate is very high or majority of users click the back button to visit competitor sites, you aren’t going to hold on to your page 1 positions for very long.

Which is why when Flow20 undertakes a SEO campaign we don’t just optimise for keywords but also for user experience, carrying out A/B tests, improvement to Call to actions and improving the website’s user experience.

Not only does this help with rankings but also get a higher ROI from the SEO efforts.


Designed with conversions in mind


What happens on the web stays on the web.

SEO isn’t rocket science and you can uncover what’s working for your competitors to a fairly large degree of accuracy using a number of different SEO tools and then deciding on which strategies you may want to incorporate in your SEO process. Not only is this a smarter approach but it also reduces the time in which you’ll begin to see results.

At the start of every campaign, we dissect the SEO strategy of 4 of your top competitors and results from our findings is taken into account whilst formulating your campaign strategy.

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Results speak louder

We’re guessing you dislike long term contracts as much as we do which is why we’ve designed our SEO services to be 100% contract-free. We don’t believe in imposing long-term contracts just so you’ll continue using us. There’s far too much competition out there and the only sustainable way we’ll be able to retain your services is by continually delivering on our promises and guarantees.



What is different about Flow20's SEO Service?

At Flow20, we understand that SEO isn't just about getting your website to Top 3 of Google but how we can help convert your visitors into actual enquiries or sales since that's what is ultimately going to give you any form of return on your investment. And, because we provide other services such as Web Design and Ecommerce as well, we have the in-house expertise of creating websites that convert visitors.

How do you ensure that my investment is going to give me any return?

Getting to Google page 1 is only half the job. The other half is converting your website visitors to leads of some kind, whether that's an enquiry, an order or any other conversion goal important for your business. That's how you'll see any actual return from the SEO efforts and we understand that. We take necessary steps to ensure your investment gets you a return. For example, we don't just optimise your home page for every term within the SEO campaign. Usually, your home page will be the key page to optimise but often we'll look at your other website pages and suggest relevant search terms for those pages. The idea is to direct the visitors via the SEO efforts to the most relevant page which helps increase conversions.

As a SEO company, what changes have you made in the light of Google's latest Penguin 2.0 update?

That's a very good question and the answer is, not a lot! Penguin 2.0 is primarily an update to tackle webspam and in the context of SEO, a clamp down on so-called 'professional SEO firms' who aim to deliver high rankings using methods outside of Google's webmaster guidelines, such as using link farms, buying links and so on. These techniques have always been outside of Google webmaster guidelines (even if Google is only now taking a more serious approach to eliminating it) and as such, we dont utilise these strategies since a very long time.

If you take a closer look at our SEO results, you'll find most of our clients currently on page 1 have enjoyed those positions for some time because we're a white-hat SEO company. And, this is precisely how we have been able to deliver consistent results for the last 4 years or so.

We had our website managed by a previous SEO company but didnt see any results. Can Flow20 take over?

Actually, thats a fairly common reason why clients come to us in the first place and in most cases, we're able to take over without any issues. However, it's important to note that in some cases, we may advise that it's better to start afresh using a new domain if your current domain has been blacklisted by Google due to constant implementation of SEO techniques outside of webmaster guidelines for a long period of time. In this case, considering the amount of time and resources it would take to 'white-list' the domain again, it may be more cost-effective both, from a cost as well as time factor to optimise a new domain.

Tell me a little more about what is included in Flow20's SEO service

Once we begin your campaign, you'll immediately notice some changes to your website. Apart from carrying out the common on-page SEO tasks such as allocation of meta titles and h tags and optimising the current content on your website, we're big on using Social Media and content generation as part of our SEO strategy. For example, each month, we'll generate a number of articles written by professional copywriters with knowledge of your industry. These are then published on your website after which we get them socially bookmarked on Facebook, Twitter and so on. Link building, news releases and generating Social Media content such as presentations for Slideshare are some of the other SEO techniques we use.

Here is a brief list of the services and techniques typically included in our SEO campaign:

  • Organic link building
  • Content generation and distribution
  • Social Media content generation
  • Website copy
  • New webpage creation
  • Conversion rate optimisation

You'll find a complete list of tasks and techniques we carry out each month within our SEO proposal document, when you Request a SEO Services Quote

What about reporting on SEO performance?

All performance related data is updated weekly on a Google Docs worksheet that we maintain and will share with you. Here, you can track the performance of the campaign on a weekly basis and at any time. You'll also get to see the improvement in results from the day we began the campaign.

Can you guarantee first page rankings?

Just like any other ethical white-hat SEO company, we can not guarantee first page listings. This is simply impossible to do so, since no one can predict algorithm changes in Google which ultimately affect the rankings. We'll go as far as saying that be wary of any company that 'guarantees' first page rankings!

You only pay when your website reaches Google page 1 for at least half of the search terms we are optimising for you. Not only does this ensure that it's in our best interest as well to get you to the top of the rankings as quickly (and safely) as possible, but should also give you some peace of mind and confidence in our capabilities as a SEO company.

Finally, we'll be happy to provide you a long list of our current clients who are ranking on page 1 and we're more than happy for you to get in touch with any of them for a reference.On a side-note, with the introduction of Google Local results now taking a large part of page 1, our target for most campaigns is Top 3.

Does your service have any minimum contract period.

No, there is no minimum contract period. We have been helping websites get to page 1 since 2008 and we know that as long as your investment on your SEO Service is giving you a healthy return, you'll continue using us, contract or not. This also serves as constant motivation for us which should give you that additional peace-of-mind.

How long would it take before I see any results from the SEO efforts?

This depends on many different factors, some of which are:

  • The age of your domain and website – generally speaking, the longer your website has been live, the less time it will take to achieve higher rankings
  • Your current rankings
  • Competitiveness of the chosen search terms - the more competitive (higher search volume) of the campaign terms, the greater the time and resources required in achieving high rankings
  • Online Competitiveness of your industry – if SEO is a commonly carried out marketing activity within your field, the competition will be higher which will affect the duration to achieve rankings
  • Quality and HTML build of your website – if your website has been built with ‘clean’ coding, it is easier for search engines to index your website which would make the optimization process easier. The initial SEO Audit we carry includes a review of your website and whether any HTML/design changes are required. Click here to view SEO tasks.

For more information on some of the techniques we use, click here.

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Pay on results

Only start paying the monthly charges once at least half of the agreed keywords within your SEO campaign reach Google page 1

No contracts

We hate contracts as much as you do. As long as we deliver results, you'll continue using us. Simple

Sensible reports

Keyword ranking report is just the tip of the iceberg. Get the complete picture with our monthly ROI report


A page 1 listing is no good if it doesn’t deliver results. Flow20’s SEO focuses on rankings as well as leads

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