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  •  Pay-per-lead based SEO  
  •  Focus on generating leads and sales not clicks
  •  Transparent and weekly reporting on performance and activity

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Tired of paying hundreds of pounds each month for SEO but not seeing a return? Not sure exactly what you’re getting for your money’s worth? We thought so which is why we’ve done our best to make SEO service one of the best out there, both in terms of results and cost.

For starters, unlike other SEO companies, up to 80% of Flow20’s SEO charges is based on actual sales or enquiries generated from the SEO efforts. Then, there’s the question of long term contracts – there aren’t any. Finally, our reporting is weekly and includes not just performance but activity also (more on that in the FAQs below).
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Flow20’s SEO service in London is designed to deliver sales and leads not meaningless clicks or visitors unlikely to convert.

Along with a smart keyword strategy, our setup also entails carrying out other tasks that helps maximise ROI such as installing session recording tools to see how visitors engage with the website, A/B testing of pages to identify high conversion points and improving simpler metrics such as page speed or bounce rates.
What happens on the web stays on the web.

SEO isn’t rocket science and you can uncover what’s working for your competitors to a fairly large degree of accuracy using a number of different SEO tools and then deciding on which strategies you may want to incorporate in your SEO process. Not only is this a smarter approach but it also reduces the time in which you’ll begin to see results.

At the start of every campaign, we dissect the SEO strategy of 4 of your top competitors and results from our findings is taken into account whilst formulating your campaign strategy.

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The cost for your SEO service will vary depending on the keywords, how competitive they are, your domain, whether you currently rank anywhere for your target keywords and other factors.

Another factor that’ll have an impact is whether you opt for a Pay Per Lead option (in which case the fixed monthly costs are lower) or if its going to be a traditional, fixed-monthly based campaign.

You can use the form above and we’ll get back to you with an exact quote.
Yes! When we talk about SEO that includes both, your traditional organic ranking optimisation as well as improving your visibility and ranking on the local results (Google My Business)

So, no matter the kind of SEO you need, if you need a SEO services company in London with a proven track record, connect with us today.
In one word: white-hat.

Flow20’s SEO campaigns are built to deliver consistent, sustainable and safe growth and that’s only possible when you do everything as per Google and Bing’s guidelines.

Each month, we provide you a detailed report which includes the actual, live backlinks we built for complete transparency.

As an ethical SEO company in London, we don’t take shortcuts and we don’t cut corners because we want to be the only SEO service in London you ever need.
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