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  •  Focused on leads and sales not likes and shares
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If you’re looking for a Facebook ads agency in London that can generate leads and sales from your campaigns and not just meaningless engagement then Flow20 can help.

Facebook ads can be an extremely effective digital marketing tool to help you grow your business if you look at it as not as a brand building platform but for lead generation and that is precisely what Flow20 does.

So, if you need measurable results from Facebook ads campaigns that’ll translate into your top line, talk to Flow20 today.
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The truthful answer is because we’re quite amazing at it.

Generating leads that turn into clients is what we’ve been doing since 2008 for businesses just like yours and whether that is via Facebook or Google, our combined expertise in turning traffic into enquiries is what has helped our clients grow which is why we have several campaigns that have been running for over 4 years now.

Perhaps, that we tie in our charges to your Facebook’s ad campaign performance has probably something to do with that too.

Want extraordinary results from Facebook ads? Get in touch with Flow20 today.

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Facebook made over £35 billion in ad revenue in 2017 with approx. 25% more businesses advertising on Facebook than the year before and there’s a good reason for it: lower customer and lead acquisition costs than Google Ads.

Average Cost Per Clicks on Facebook are still approx 30% less compared to Google Ads which which means it can outperform other ad platforms on KPIs such as acquisition costs and ROI.
Yes, and the key here is targeting.

There’s a myth that Facebook isn’t ideal for B2B and perhaps LinkedIn might be a better alternative but the reality is that most of your customers spend some of their time using their personal Facebook accounts and using a combination of advanced Facebook targeting tools such as custom audiences, lookalike audiences and email lists, you can shows ads to them when they’re quite likely to convert.
Not at all.

Take a closer look at the advertising you come across on Facebook and most of them will take you to an external website, away from Facebook.
Traffic is vanity leads are sanity Contact Flow20

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