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November 13, 2013

Get feedback on your website by Google

This Monday, 18th November, Google is offering short, website reviews for website owners across the web. Google hasn’t given a lot of information on exactly what kind of feedback website owners can expect excepting that “For this hangout, we’ll review sites that are submitted via the moderator page and
August 7, 2013

Whats going on with Google Maps??

Here’s something interesting: Whilst trying to check out a location in New York using Google Maps I found two streets, parallel to each other, yet, the time each of the streets were last mapped by Google’s street view car is almost 2 years apart! Doesn’t that seem a little

Wikipedia website – What makes it so easy to use?

I use Wikipedia on a daily basis. Often, several times a day and continue to find it as one of the most complete and up to date sources of information. I also find the site extremely easy to use and have been analysing it to figure out just what
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August 1, 2013

Is Google + worth it?

Since Google + launched in Sep 2011, every few weeks/months you’ll come across reports stating how it’s growing at an astounding rate and that if your business isn’t on it, then you’re “missing out”. I’m not so sure… If we take a look at the stats, then Google +