August 7, 2013

Tech milestones of 2011 [Infographic]

2011 has been a big year for some of the biggest tech brands and technologies.  We put this infographic together to take a closer look at the biggest milestones of them all.



Dominance of Android – 2011 was a big year for Google’s Android OS.  Google purchased the initial developer of the software, Android Inc. in 2005 and launched the OS in 2007. Since then, its market share had steadily grown. In 2011, Android overtook the Apple OS in terms of market share and currently stands at 50.1% compared to Apple’s 30.2% (as of Feb 2012).Google has often been criticised for its inability to gain commercial success of products outside the online realm such as search and email. However, the success of Android proves Google’s ability to make successful products outside of its core offering.

Dominance of iPad – As with the iPod and most Apple products,  iPad has now become the generic term for tablet computer and leads the way not just in terms of market share but level of desirability as well. iPad’s market share at the end of 2011 was 54% (surprisingly, the last 3 months of 2011 saw its market share drop by 7%). When tablet computers were launched in 2010, it was met with resistance and deemed to be nothing more than a fad. Tablet computers now have become very much mainstream and the industry is expected to grow by a whopping 1000% by 2014.  Check out this blogpost for more.

Growth of the Mobile Internet – Late figures released in 2011 suggest that almost 20% of all Internet traffic in the UK is generated via mobiles. 70% of this mobile traffic is generated by iphone alone!

Growing woes of RIM – The once iconic Blackberry brand continues its decline in every possible way.  Towards the end of 2011, its market share was just 13.4%. There were even talks of a possible acquisition, most prominently by Microsoft but nothing happened (yet!). RIM shares lost approx. 70% of its value in 2011.

Rise of ebooks – In 2011, Amazon stated that its sales of ebooks had overtaken those of paperback books.  2011 has also been a solid year for Amazon’s Kindle and many analyst believe to be contributing factor in the recent drop of ipad’s market share.

Launch of Google + – 2011 saw the launch of Google +, Google’s attempt to rival the Social Media giant Facebook and to a lesser extent, twitter. Whilst the overall growth hasn’t lived up to the hype, 2011 saw registrations count to Google + reach almost 40 million. In recent months, this growth has been accelerated ever since Google announced that Google + can help improve search rankings.

Sale of Lovefilm – Amazon has had a stake in Lovefilm for quite some time. However,  in January 2011, Amazon purchased the remaining stakes est. £200m to completely acquire Lovefilm. The reason behind this is widely believed to have a strong foothold in the growing online movie rental business and to rival Netflix’s worldwide expansion plans.

Growing older twitter – 2011 marked the 5th birthday of the micro-blogging site.  The last 3 years has seen twitters popularity increase exponentially and it currently has 140 million active users.  Here’s an interesting article on how the twitter website looked like when it was launched along with some others that are hugely popular today.

Birth of iCloud – The cloud computing phenomenon continues to grow and 2011 saw the launch of iCloud by Apple.  The iCloud is a set of cloud computing apps which also includes iTunes on the cloud. See official press release.

50m WordPressWordPress has grown to become the leading blog and Content Management System available on the web and for good reason. Its ease of use for both, users and developers and the myriad of plugins available have no doubt helped fuel its growth. Not to mention, its free! July 2011 saw the 50 millionth WordPress blog go live.  That number now exceeds 70 million! See official stats site.

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