August 7, 2013

So many choices…which one suits my company..

So you have decided to create a video to represent your company in order to hold the attention of visitors to your website. Now it is time to choose the right video for you …but where to begin. There are various choices of what online video format you can choose and each one has many benefits over the others.

A company showreel will display your companies identity, professionalism and past work but then again a welcome video will make your website more direct and personable. Video testimonials from past clients will make your brand more appealing for new clients but an advert will give detailed information on what you offer in a very viewer friendly format… so how to make this decision? …well firstly,  If your budget will only allow you to make one marketing video it is important to look at the main goals you would like to achieve from this video. In order to do this it is important to look over your companies identity and past marketing stratergies to find the best suited type of corporate video for your company. If your website is lacking a personable quality you may want to go down the corporate showreel or welcome video route. If you have a product or service that needs more exposure this may require an advert, informercial or webvert. If you would like to build brand presence in your specific area possibly an innovative viral video is in order. Success of your video will greatly depend on choosing the right type of video for your brand so it is important to look into these videos when making your choice.

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About Shirish Agarwal

Shirish Agarwal is the founder of Flow20 and looks after the PPC and SEO side of things. Shirish also regularly contributes to leading digital marketing publications such as Hubspot, SEMRush, Wordstream and Outbrain. Connect with him on LinkedIn.