February 21, 2014

Lie-detection tattoo by Google??

When Google files a patent for some new piece of technology they want to protect, you likely Google electronic tattoo expect this to have something to do with technology. Perhaps a new gadget that’s sure to become the next must-have (think, Google Glass).

Well, it seems that the search giant’s latest new patent filing has little to do with technology in the strictest sense: it’s do with a neck tattoo that will help block out background noise when you’re on the phone in a noisy area.

Plus, it’ll also work as a lie-detector!

According to the patent reading, the tattoo is supposed to solve the problem of having to shout at the top of your voice to be heard whilst on the phone in busy and noisy environments such as stadiums, shopping malls and restaurants.

Noise-cancelling mobile phones and microphones aren’t new. However, this one is aiming to be different and more effective by having the capability to “stick” to your neck. We can’t wait for that!

Of course, the part that we’re interested in is the how it will be able to detect if someone wearing the tattoo is lying.

The skin tattoo is supposed to have “skin-resistance” technology which can make the tattoo light-up or blink according to the galvanic skin response that’s often triggered if the wearer is nervous (as a result of lying).

Check out a copy of the patent here.

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