February 24, 2022

How SEO And PPC Work Together?

The search engine results pages (SERPs) help display website content to potential clients by using the right keywords. With billions of web pages around, you require search engine optimization (SEO) to improve your search rankings. However, if you want to take your SEO to the next level, you must learn about pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. Let us explore the relationship between the two.

Difference Between SEO And PPC

SEO is a form of online marketing focused on creating high-quality content that will rank well in a search engine. On the other hand, PPC is advertising that allows companies to pay to have their ads shown to potential customers on a SERP when customers type specific keywords into the search bar. That said, let’s see how SEO and PPC work together.

How SEO And PPC Work Together To Enhance Your Website

Double Exposure

Typically, the PPC ads run on top of the search results; hence, the first searchers will spot a specific keyword after entry. Your website will rank better on the organic search results when applying SEO ranking for a similar keyword.

Coupling SEO and PPC efforts will see potential customers who skip over the PPC ads to find you at the top of the organic search listing beneath. Hence, your website will maximize its presence on the SERP, gaining consumer trust and more click-throughs to the site.

Testing Keywords

Keywords are the backbone of SERPs rankings of any website. SEO is time-consuming, expensive, and entails research before getting quality content. Therefore, marketers want to have the right keywords for their content and efforts to pay off.

PPC offers an excellent opportunity for advertisers to check the feasibility and viability of targeted keywords. After picking up the given keyword and monitoring website performance, it provides grounds on whether to optimize the phrase or not.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Most shoppers take a considerable period before making up their minds to purchase a product. As such, most people rely first on conducting thorough research to confirm their choice. When your website is performing well organically, there are chances they will visit it and check out the products they want.

PPC helps to turn previous website visitors into customers. Later, when shoppers look for the same products and find your website on the ads, they are likely to click and complete the purchase. Therefore, the combination of PPC and SEO is powerful in encouraging previous guests to convert.

Provide Valuable Data For Decision Making

Performance measurement is crucial in determining whether a business is meeting its objective(s). Data provides the only way to measure the goals, and the more information, the better an organization is at making conclusions. SEO and PPC have many KPIs, such as the click-through rate, time on site, conversions, and bounce and exit rate.

Using data from the two-channel provides a clear picture of KPIs performances. Company executives have a better chance of knowing which keywords generate more leads and conversions. Such insight allows them to make smarter choices.


Marketers must explore and combine the power of SEO and PPC. The two channels complement each other well allowing your business to meet its goals faster and wiser.  

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Shirish Agarwal is the founder of Flow20 and looks after the PPC and SEO side of things. Shirish also regularly contributes to leading digital marketing publications such as Hubspot, SEMRush, Wordstream and Outbrain. Connect with him on LinkedIn.