February 22, 2022

Can SEO Be Done Without A Website?

Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing strategy enables search engines to understand the content better and rank it well for visibility during relevant searches. Many SEO strategies like increasing traffic for higher ranking by SERPs involve using a website. Can SEO be done without a website?

Yes.SEO works well with websites but does not mean that you cannot take advantage of its capacity without a website. Below are the ways to do SEO without a website.

Google My Business (GMB) Listing

Google My Business is Google’s free listing service. Businesses add their information such as:

  • Google maps
  • Operation hours
  • Contact information

A GMB listing is the first answer to “can SEO be done without a website?” GMB is an online business listing because it ranks locally on Google. The information help potential customers to find a business when they enter a search term to find similar services or products.

For instance, when someone searches for an “auto garage near me,” some local results of auto garages near the physical location will appear. The garages did not require a website to be on the search results. The owners created a listing on the GMB directory. GMB listings are a great source of free traffic to the business.

GMB also improves customer interaction because clients can leave reviews, and business owners respond.

Local Business Listing

Have you operated a local business for years without a website? It might be online without your knowledge. It is essential to search because it is likely that Google may have picked the business to create a business listing online.

Google shows the listing to relevant audiences searching for location-specific things. You can do SEO by claiming that business on the online listing. Use SEO methods to push that listing to the top of SERPs and use the ranking to your advantage.

Social Media

Social media is another answer to “can SEO be done without a website?” Social media is an effective way for SEO and climbing more spots on Google’s first page for your business. Social media platforms are highly authoritative, so they can quickly get a high ranking for your business.

Social Media Supports SEO In Two Ways.

The first is to optimize your social media sites for searchers to find you within the social network. For instance, you can use optimization techniques on LinkedIn if you provide electrical service. It ensures you show up when a person searches “electricians.”

A second way is that your social profiles show up on Google SERP. They appear first when someone searches your name, but SEO makes it easier to find your profile if your name is common.

Youtube Channel

Youtube is a powerful way to market something because it is the second largest search engine. Google owns it. When someone searches for something on Google, video results appear on the SERP. It becomes a form of SEO if the searcher clicks on a video in the SERP and is redirected to the video’s YouTube page.

A video that gives value to viewers, like helping them understand or do complex things, helps with SEO. Education and how-to videos are some of the best for SEO. Choose appropriate keywords that match likely search terms. You do not want people to skip your videos like readers fail to read blogs even if YouTube is an answer to “can SEO be done without a website.”

A website is vital for online marketing, but it is not the only way to SEO.

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