August 7, 2013

Is ‘Avengers Assemble’ the first step in the death of the reign of the comic book film?

This week saw ‘Avengers Assemble’ take the number one spot in the UK box office charts for a second week in a row. The film has taken over $1,008,295,900 worldwide since its release.  ‘Avengers Assemble’ has had the most sucessful release than any other film to date, beating ‘The

Innovation now lies in the format

Innovation within cinmea is something that has facinated audiences since the development of the first film itself by The Lumiere Brothers. Entitled ‘The arrival of the train at La Ciotat’ this film was simply a train pulling into a station but famously made the audience jump out if their seats

So many choices…which one suits my company..

So you have decided to create a video to represent your company in order to hold the attention of visitors to your website. Now it is time to choose the right video for you …but where to begin. There are various choices of what online video format you can

What your video NEEDS to boost sharing-Part one

Viral videos are something very new to the world of film formatting. With this new territory comes both a sense of excitement and uncertainty for companies using them.  Excitement as the genre has not been fully explored yet because of its youth and  uncertainty as it is still so

New Canon camera is set to take over mainstream cinema… but what about corporate video production??

Late last year Canon released information about their new camera the C300. Ideal for cinematography over stills unlike previous Canon camera releases such as the 5D series which has over recent years become a preferred choice for pro cinematographers and photographers alike. Unlike the 5D however the camera is

A Health & Safety Video can help minimize injury claims

In any workplace, an employer is responsible for ensuring the Health & Safety of its employees and can be held fully responsible for any compensation or personal injury claims which results due to an accident in the workplace. A well-crafted and detailed safety video is one way you can