August 7, 2013

Mobile vs responsive web design

It’s all about giving your customers the most optimized and convenient experience your web site can provide. After all, if your visitors aren’t enjoying their experience, they won’t stay long. So what’s the difference between mobile and responsive web design? Let’s take a look… Mobile Web DesignA mobile website

The importance of Mobile Website Optimization [Infographic]

Mobile browsing is on the rise. Now, with 3 out of 5 searches carried out via a mobile phones for local businesses,  incorporating a Mobile Marketing strategy into your marketing mix can help you create additional revenue sources and build stronger relationships with your customers. Take a look at

If your customers are going mobile, shouldn’t you?

In early 2010, Morgan Stanley predicted the mobile web to become bigger than desktop web by 2015. This actually happened in 2011!The growth potential for businesses who make the most of this emerging trend is far from insignificant. Thanks in part to the growth of tablet devices such as