August 7, 2013

Tech milestones of 2011 [Infographic]

2011 has been a big year for some of the biggest tech brands and technologies.  We put this infographic together to take a closer look at the biggest milestones of them all. Enjoy! ……. Dominance of Android – 2011 was a big year for Google’s Android OS.  Google purchased

Whats going on with Google Maps??

Here’s something interesting: Whilst trying to check out a location in New York using Google Maps I found two streets, parallel to each other, yet, the time each of the streets were last mapped by Google’s street view car is almost 2 years apart! Doesn’t that seem a little

Innovation now lies in the format

Innovation within cinmea is something that has facinated audiences since the development of the first film itself by The Lumiere Brothers. Entitled ‘The arrival of the train at La Ciotat’ this film was simply a train pulling into a station but famously made the audience jump out if their seats

Wikipedia website – What makes it so easy to use?

I use Wikipedia on a daily basis. Often, several times a day and continue to find it as one of the most complete and up to date sources of information. I also find the site extremely easy to use and have been analysing it to figure out just what