August 11, 2013

Is WordPress good for Ecommerce websites?

WordPress is a self-hosting platform used by millions of bloggers today. This platform which once started as a blogging tool has now evolved into one of the worlds most popular Content Management System (CMS) serving the needs of not just bloggers but businesses of all sizes as well as
August 7, 2013

Some unique requirements of a Fashion Ecommerce website

At, we have over 4 years of experience creating user-friendly and stylish websites for clients involved in the fashion and apparel industry and although any website we design needs to be easy to use and Search Engine friendly at the very least, when it comes to development, its

Checkout Checklist – If your checkout process doesn’t have this, you’re loosing customers

Checkout abandonment is a challenge for most ecommerce websites. According to a recent study by SeeWhy, an average of 71% of potential customers abandon the checkout process thereby never making the purchase they initially set out to do.  This can be for a number of reasons – finding the

SEO Tips for optimizing your Ecommerce website content

A while ago, I had written about how you don’t want to copy/paste manufacturer’s description on products on your online shop. I have compiled a list of some more things that you can easily do towards your Ecommerce site which will not only help it differentiate itself from the

5 metrics every online retailer should monitor

If you sell online, understanding your website analytics data and knowing what to do with it can help in increasing your online sales. I speak to to online retailers often and it seems that the majority of them login to their Website Analytics program to check only the most

What most online retailers can learn from

A while ago, I wrote about how you can use upselling techniques to increase your average order value and sales from your E-Commerce website. This got me thinking about Amazon. There aren’t many online retailers who can compete with Amazon in terms of their ability to cross-sell and convert

E commerce SEO – 7 ways to help you get a better return

Most online retailers take a two-dimensional approach to Search Engine Optimization for eCommerce : optimize the home page for the most relevant search terms and a few products from the most lucrative product range. However, with a little bit of extra effort and implementing best-practices when you add new

Starting an Ecommerce website for fashion?

In most cases, the technical requirements of your Ecommerce platform will be slightly different to online retailers selling hardware, Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) or other, standardardized items. Whilst any decent ecommerce platform is fully customizable nowadays, it does’nt hurt to have an idea about the technical requirements and capabilities
July 30, 2013

5 Upselling techniques to increase your online sales

5 Online upselling techniques to increase your website sales Most e-commerce websites convert anywhere between 2-4% of their visitors into a sale. Highly customer-centric sites like Amazon or Proflowers convert about 9.6% and 14.1% (yes, incredible!). One of the most effective way to increase your online sales is to