WOW Factors

Dominating local search and ads for a regional car valeting operator

WOW Factors

 WOW Factors is one of the largest mobile car valeting firms in the UK with a large fleet of mobile operators able to provide a legendary clean for your vehicle pretty much anywhere in the South East.

WOW Factors is also one of Flow20 ’s oldest clients having worked on several different projects together since 2010.

The latest campaign that began in Jan 2017 a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign to generate appointments from new, untapped areas where WOW Factors didn’t currently have adequate market share.

The work

 The first task was to undertake a competitive analysis on the biggest service providers in the region to reverse engineer their paid search strategy and answer important questions
  • What keywords were they bidding on?
  • How much were they spending?
  • What ad copies and messaging were working for them?
  • And, the most important question of them all - what was their potential ROI?
Once we had the necessary data derived from tools such as SEMRush and SpyFu, Flow20 began putting a campaign strategy in place.

Considering the target market and demographic, Google Ads and Facebook were chosen as the platforms of choice.

Google Ads is more effective for lead generation whilst Facebook works better for brand awareness campaigns and then converting the Facebook audience into leads via remarketing campaigns.

It was also important we take mobile traffic into account and a way to ensure they convert just as well because for local services such as this, mobile website users often outnumber those from desktop or tablet. Although the landing pages worked fine on mobiles, Flow20 carried out 2 conversion optimization campaigns to improve them further.

A total of 32 mini campaigns were launched to target the various services, locations and demographics across both channels.

As of May 2018, the campaign is still ongoing.


After a slow start, the campaign gained full steam about 3 months in and as of May 2018, has delivered.

  • 240
    Average ROI delivered during the course of the campaign
  • 30
    Reduction in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) for each appointment compared to direct marketing channels such as leaflets
  • 60
    Reduction in Cost Per Clicks (CPC) since campaign start
  • 7
    Increase month-on-month in Facebook fan base

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