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  • Flow20’s Brandon publishes his first book on Mindfulness & Digital Marketing goes on sale on Amazon!

    We’re chuffed to share that Brandon’s first book goes live on Amazon USA. You can check it out here
  • 2 Awards as top 10 in Search Engine Marketing category


    Flow20 has been off to a flying start in 2022 already with us being featured within the top 10 of digital marketing agencies within the Search Engine Marketing category. Check us out on Promotion World and FindBestSEO
  • Flow20 appoints Christine as our first Business Development & Relationship Manager


    We super excited to have Christine join the Flow20 team from Jan 2022. She has a wealth of experience within the business development space and being able to determine the needs of clients and help formulate her insights into the digital marketing strategies we put together for our campaigns.
  • Flow20 NYC is live!

    Flow20 is chuffed to report that our NYC office is now in operation. To get in touch with Brandon who looks after all operations across the pond, email Brandon (at) flow20 (dot) com or use the contact form. Also on contact page move the phone and email to below the UK address and add following under USA
  • Flow20 Becomes a part sponsor of BrightonSEO


    As part of Flow20’s continued effort to contribute to and learn from other brands and speakers in the digital marketing industry, we’re super proud to become part sponsors for BrightonSEO, the UK’s largest digital marketing expo taking place in April 2020...
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  • Content marketing trends


    Content is my bread and butter. Over the years, I have shared content marketing trends, tips, tricks and best practices for this powerful marketing tool and become known for my own content in the process...
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  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) : Is it right for your business?


    In the early days of SEO, getting a page 1 ranking was relatively easy. Put up a website, create a few pages, stuff them with keywords and a few days later, a position on page 1 of Google’s search results page awaits you...
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  • How to get the skills your business needs


    You need to have a certain level of confidence to start a business. On a fundamental level, you need to understand that you’ll be able to navigate all the hurdles that running a company can throw at you...
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  • 3 Tips for Building Your Brand on Social Media


    One of the articles Flow20 wrote around Facebook live got picked up by Social Media Explorer....
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  • 4 Tips on How To Generate Leads for Your Small Business


    Sales leads are absolutely integral in running a business. For the uninitiated, a lead can be a person or another business that may be interested in your products and services...
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  • How To Make Your Next Blog Post Go Viral


    You invest a considerable amount of time and resources in creating and publishing relevant, informative content that you know your audience will find useful...
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  • How To Leverage The Rise of "Near Me" Searches


    Nowadays, voice-enabled devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home are becoming increasingly commonplace...
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  • Landing Page Considerations For High-Involvement Decisions


    If you are a PPC professional, you don’t need any convincing on why you should use dedicated landing pages (LP) for your lead-gen campaigns. ..
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  • Click Fraud Detection and Prevention: A Complete Guide


    Marketers are already aware that clicking on their own ads to improve campaign performance is against the rules of every major ad platform...
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  • How To Implement Faceted Navigation


    Website navigation extends well beyond merely bringing together the important category links of your website and arranging them in parent categories on a top menu bar or a sidebar...
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  • How to Devise a Psychology Based SEO Strategy?


    SEO definitely is technical; but the strategies that are used needn’t be so. These in fact relate more to human behavior...
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  • An Easier Way To Get Page 1 Rankings By Using A Long-Tail Keyword Strategy


    If you’ve ever attempted to optimize your website for page 1 rankings on Google, you’ll know that the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is indeed a difficult art to master with a landscape that is changing so rapidly that what works today may seem to become obsolete in a month from now...
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  • The right way to cross-sell products


    As an e-commerce company, you know the true value of cross-selling is to increase the amount customers spend during a visit on your site...
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  • A Website Redesign Can Do Magic – If you Know How It Works


    Agriya’s obsession towards the development of masterclass web solutions finds a listing here...
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