Jim Morrissey

SEO and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Case Study

Jim Morrissey

 Need website content that motivates users to take action? Jim Morrissey is your guy.

From creating crisp, compelling website content to providing advice and guidance on your marketing strategy, Jim Morrissey has been providing consultancy services to businesses across London and beyond for over 10 years now.

Jim needed his new website developed and then a digital marketing plan in place that would deliver a steady flow of quality leads.

With an industry that is much more cutthroat than it would seem at the outset and the number of competing pages for high value keywords in the millions, the leads coming in had to be delivered at a sustainable and cost-effective level.

The work

 The first component of the campaign was to compose the website designs into a fully functional website. It was important to keep page load times to a minimum as this positively impacted rankings but also, and as importantly, helped maximize visitor-to-lead conversion rates.

The platform of choice was HTML5, with WordPress powering the blog, as this allowed the site to load faster than most of its competitors and also made it possible to create transition and loading effects. The latter is important, as it helps increase conversion rates without sacrificing rendering on mobile phones and tablets.

In terms of lead generation, after an extensive review of the sector’s digital marketing landscape, the chosen Pay Per Click (PPC) channel was Google AdWords as the Cost Per Click (CPC) on target keywords were in the low to medium range. This meant it was likely to generate leads at a lower CPA than SEO.


The ROI over the course of the campaign has averaged 486% with the best month delivering an ecstasy-inducing 1046%.

  • 400
    ROI from campaign over the course of the campaign
  • 30
    Reduction in cost per customer

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