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The Portfolio Consultancy

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The brief

The Portfolio Consultancy (TPC) is a portfolio management firm that helps manage and grow the assets of UHNW individuals via a range of stock trading strategies and options.

Although TPC is a relatively new brand in the space, established towards the end of 2018, it had ambitious plans for growth and to help gain a significant market share in their sector.

We were commissioned to create, launch and manage a digital marketing strategy that can help TPC get a consistent source of leads using the most appropriate digital marketing channels.

The work

One of the important things we had to bear in mind that for TPC, the lead quality was much more important than the quantity since the main target audience was high net worth individuals who had a significant amount of spare capital to invest.

What we also had to bear in mind is that these leads had a higher tolerance to risk as trading is essentially a higher risk proposition than other forms of capital growth tools such as long term investing or savings.

Since we have the experience of having managed over 2k projects carried out several lead and sales generation campaigns in the finance sector, we knew from our experience and past data that Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are likely going to be the best drivers of qualified leads here.

On Facebook and Instagram, we created tens of audience groups highly segmented into interests and behaviours which are likely to result in qualified leads.

We had to be careful not to end up targeting people who only liked the aforementioned brands on an aspirational basis with no current buying power which is where taking the time to brainstorm and do some creative matching comes in.

For example, we were able to create mini groups of audiences that are interested in trading but also hire jets or are customers of brands such as Rolex or Maserati. This way we weren’t only targeting people who were interested in trading but may not be the right f it (or even have spare capital) or liked a Rolex watch but wouldn’t be able to afford it.

LinkedIn was the 2nd platform of choice for its ability to allow targeting on a profession basis. Since the target professions were doctors, lawyers and other high paying jobs, we were able to target those people on LinkedIn but then using additional qualification tools to make sure they’re interested in trading, too.


The approx. conversion rate from enquiry to signups has been 35% which is high enough to offset the Cost Per Lead as well as all the other expenses attached to the campaign including our management fees.

The first 3 months of the campaign resulted in a ROI of approx.

  • 60
    with the ROI averaging approx.
  • 250
    towards the end of the first year.
As of 2022, the campaign is still ongoing and now in its expansion phase into European markets.

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