Swift Glazing

An ROI of over 200% from Google AdWords search + display campaigns

Swift Glazing

 Swift Glazing is a family-run company based in London providing 24 hour emergency replacement and repair services for broken windows and glass, burglaries and window break-ins.

As a result of a strategic decision to expand into other parts of the UK, a paid search campaign was awarded to Flow20 with the intention of generating leads and appointments from areas where the brand was not known.

The work

 The sector is deceptively competitive with cost per clicks averaging £15 which means in addition to generating qualified traffic and keeping wasteful clicks to a minimum, effective landing pages for conversions must be in place to keep ROI high.

For projects such as these where an element of brand awareness is required before most conversions will take place, remarketing is an important channel to add to the mix and therefore all available remarketing routes at the time were put to work such as:
  • Display advertising on search partners
  • Display advertising on display network
  • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)
  • Facebook remarketing
Additionally, a ‘call-only’ campaign was added to the mix as well to generate a larger share of emergency work i.e. users and businesses who need a repair now. Whilst the clicks might be more expensive here, they tend to convert at a much higher rate than other keyword groups.


The project is still ongoing as of March 2018 and Swift Glazing have been enjoying a regular supply of leads and appointments from the new target areas.

  • 25
    Reduction in Cost Per Acquisition of each appointment to £12 (industry average £15)
  • 75
    Increase in Conversion rates to 7% (industry average 5%)

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