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SEO Company Croydon

If you need your website to rank on first page of Google and other Search Engines, you need a company that you know has the knowledge and experience to help you get there.Since 2008, Flow20 have been offering effective SEO Services to companies across Croydon and beyond.

We pride ourselves on offering a truly competitive service not just in terms of price but how we go about delivering results as well. For example, we do not charge anything monthly until at least 50% or more of your chosen search terms within the SEO campaign reaches Google page 1.
Flow20 believes in complete transparency which is why each month we send you a detailed report of the entire SEO campaign.

Getting website visitors via page 1 rankings is only half the job, as important is getting them to convert into leads or customers which is why Flow20 looks at a large number of data sets and KPIs to evaluate campaign performance and identify areas for improvements.

For example, in addition to tracking keyword rankings on a weekly basis, each month we generate a ROI report which tracks important metrics such as conversion rate, how many organic visitors converted into an enquiry or customer, Bounce Rate of key landing pages and so on.

By looking beyond keyword rankings alone, we’re able to identify small improvements we can make which over time can have a big impact to ROI.
If you’re looking for SEO in Croydon (or visit our page for SEO services in London), we’re guessing we’re not wrong in asking whether its important thing to consider if your prospective SEO company themselves have good page 1 rankings themselves? We think so too, which is why you’ll be pleased to find that Flow20 is on page 1 for a large number of keywords such as ‘SEO Croydon’ ‘SEO company croydon’ ‘online marketing London’ and approx. 40 other keywords.

Performance based SEO services

Unfortunately, no and we humbly ask you to be wary of any company that can.

It is simply impossible to target a specific ranking position on page 1 regardless of whether that’s on top or bottom as not even everyone at Google knows the exact breakdown of the algorithm.

Of course, its understandable that you would like some assurances if you’re thinking about working with a new SEO company which is why we’d be happy to provide you with a detailed list of clients who currently enjoy page 1 rankings and we encourage you to get in touch with them to understand our capabilities better.

What’s more, Flow20 is one of the few SEO in Croydon (London, for that matter) that doesn’t do contracts so its very much in our own interest to not only get you top rankings on page 1 but to keep you there each month.
As a very rough guide, you should allow between 6-10 weeks for most of the search terms that are in your SEO campaign to reach page 1. However, please note that this is a estimate and it may be quicker or take longer depending on other factors such as how old your domain is (longer the better), if you already have any rankings for the search terms you’re now going for, how competitive your industry is to name a few.

Once the keywords have been finalised and we’ve carried out the competitive analysis due at campaign start, we’re able to give you some indication about the time it will take.
No, there isn’t. Unlike most SEO companies or agencies, Flow20 does not do contracts as we believe this gives our clients greater peace of mind whilst keeping us on our toes at all times. This is perhaps one of the reasons why we have many clients that have been with us for over 5 years, something that is very uncommon in the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) field.
Without having had a chance to look into your domain’s traffic, link building and online marketing history its impossible to give you a precise answer. However, what we can tell you is that its not all that uncommon to hear clients tell us that they were unhappy with their past SEO results and the reasons why usually comes down to just a few.

The 2 most important elements when it comes to deciding whether your SEO campaign is going to prove profitable or not is keywords and landing page quality.

Whilst its tempting to target keywords and search terms which have very high volume in the notion that these will drive a lot of business, in reality, short tail keywords as these are known, have a notoriously low conversion rate, we’re talking about less than 0.5%. Compare this to long tail keywords which can have an average conversion rate of about 4%. For more on this topic, see related blog post.

By landing page quality, we’re referring to how easy your website is to use, how easily can your visitors find the information they’re looking for and the presence of information that is likely to encourage a visitor to make an enquiry.

If in the past you targeted the right keywords but the visitors that came in from your organic positions didn’t find the information they were looking for, there’s a good chance they’ll hit the back button and you’ll never see them again.

On a related note, some of this information may not be apparent when we look at your Google Analytics data so its good idea to tell us all about this when you get in touch.
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