1 Denim

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The brief

1 Denim is an online retailer of premium fashion denim, specialising in producing cutting edge fashion for men and women made from premium Japanese selvedge denim.

Establishing a brand in the retail space can be hugely rewarding and profitable but so is getting there in the first place esp. when you may not have the kind of budget the bigger, more established brands have.

We were appointed as their digital marketing agency of choice with one of the shorter term objectives to generate brand awareness with the ultimate goal of generating sales and revenue from digital marketing.

The work

The fashion space isn’t new to us, having worked with brands like Mary Katrantzou and Selina Blow in the past so we had a good idea of what 1 Denim needed.

When it comes to fashion, few channels can be as effective for sales generation than Social Media, especially Facebook and Instagram so the plan for phase 1 (the first 3 months) was to focus purely on this channel.

Once the efforts from phase 1 began showing results, PPC shopping campaigns on Google and Bing would be set up. From past experience, as well as the extensive research carried out during the initial setup phase, it was likely that the Cost Per Sale (CPS) from PPC is going to be higher but as a whole, this kind of a multi-channel approach can help (and often even necessary) to increase sales and increase brand exposure.


The campaign went on for a total of 17 months during which time we were able to deliver a CPS about 20% lower than the target specified by 1 Denim. Revenue from digital marketing for 1 Denim increased from 5% at the start of the campaign to almost 40% towards the end which proved to be very effective in helping 1 Denim almost double in revenue towards the end of the 2nd year.

  • 20
    Lower Cost Per Sale
  • 300
    Increase in revenue from digital marketing

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