Lloyd Donnelly

Lead Generation Case Study

Lloyd Donnelly

 Lloyd Donnelly is an employment law focused firm that helps individuals who have been a victim of injury at work, employment law issues such as pregnancy discrimination or sexual harassment and related offenses.

So far the firm had primarily been purchasing leads from 3rd parties but as a result of increasing costs as well as government clampdown on the resell of leads, it was important to begin creating an inhouse source of leads.

The work

 After days of spying checking out the competition, everything from how much the competition was spending on Google ads, what keywords were they targeting, which keywords were generating more leads etc Flow20 put an initial research document together to help define the PPC strategy.

The choice of platform was Google Ads with retargeting campaigns setup on Social Media – from the analytics data we had observed that a lot of these searches typically begin with the customer at their workplace and therefore short on time but the search tends to continue in the evening so a remarketing campaign was important.

Equally important was the keyword mix as long tail and focused keywords tend to deliver much better returns than short tail ones so it was important to have a long list of potential keywords with high commercial intent so as to keep click to enquiry conversion rate as high as possible.


The campaign has been start/stopped at times to make sure quantity of leads stays manageable but here’s an overview of the 2 most important KPIs:

  • 400
    More conversions over the course of the campaign
  • 30
    Lower cost per customer acquisition

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