Marylebone Properties

Google Indexing and Keyword Relevance Case Study

Marylebone Properties

 Marylebone Properties is an investment and management business based in Central London. With Assets Under Management exceeding £1 billion, MP have been providing asset management services since 1972 to clients across UK, Denmark and India.

The brief

Marylebone Properties had a predicament that business owners whose brand names include a popular landmark will be all too familiar with: getting Google and other search engines to show your listing when someone searches for your brand.

The effect was compounded by the fact that property related searches in Central London are extremely high with some big names such as Zoopla, Rightmove and Savills occupying top ranks within the organic results. Being a new domain didn’t help either as Google seemed to be completely oblivious to Marylebone’s website, with no trace of it in their index.

The work

 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was clearly the most appropriate channel to achieve the desired objectives but at the same time, we had to get Google to associate the related keywords to the brand- which meant finding ways to increase Marylebone’s Domain Authority (an overall rank as to a domain’s strength) and credibility.

Once we could achieve a top 3 ranking across all our target keywords then link building to help maintain them would be ongoing.


Although the keywords being optimized were medium to low level in their search volumes, due to the nature of the competition and the task at hand, it took longer than initially expected. The keywords started showing up on the searches in Month 2 with the rankings increasing steadily as a result of online link building.

Month 4 and all target keywords had attained a top 3 rank within the organic results and Marylebone’s website has remained in the top on a consistent basis.

  • 400
    ncrease in traffic over a 6 month period post fixes
  • 30
    Increase in conversion rates over the course of the campaign

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