SEO Strategy and Techniques

At Flow20, we don't hide our SEO strategies or the things we'll do to get your website to the top of rankings. You'll know everything we are doing to get your website to the top 3.

If you are considering making an investment in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you'll want to know how your investment is going to be used and what possible return you can expect. Although, there's approx. 30 different SEO strategies and tools we use to deliver page 1 rankings, here's a lot more detail on the ones we use the most to give you a good idea on the things we'll be doing to your website, on-page as well as off-page.

SEO Strategies and tools.

Content generation

This is a big one for us. Having unique, original and useful information on your website can do wonders for your rankings and in our 6 years of experience delivering SEO services and various testing and research of what works within the field of SEO and what does not, we have found that the importance of content generation as part of an effective SEO strategy has only increased.

As soon as we begin optimising your website, one of the first things you’ll immediately notice is that we’re generating a lot of content which is being published on your website.

Advantages of quality content generation

Firstly, regularly publishing content on your website forces Google and other search engine spiders to crawl your website more often which in turn helps improve rankings

Second and this has a big impact on SEO is that the newly published content has the potential to generate additional traffic in the form of long tail search queries (E.g. if your website home page is being optimised for ‘Compromise Agreement’, an article we would write is ‘what does a Compromise Agreement contain’ (in fact, type that in Google and you’ll find this very article we generated for our client on top of the rankings).

This has a positive knock-on effect on your rankings as an increase in traffic numbers to your website will also benefit your website positions.

So, who writes the content?

We have a pool of about 7 copywriters that we use everyday depending on their area of speciality. For example, the copywriter who would generate articles for our law clients would be very different from the one we use for writing articles on technology. In either case, we only use copywriters who have been involved in the industry they writing for in some way before.

Once the content is published, we then push it on Social Media channels such as Facebook, twitter etc in an effort to have them bookmarked. Social signals is increasingly becoming an important part of any SEO strategy and having your content bookmarked helps with the rankings.

One of the most important things perhaps, is choosing the article topics. The articles must have the ability to either generate potential business for your site (via long tail queries as mentioned before) or improve the rankings. Generating content without any strategy or technique will limit the return on investment (and remember - we don’t get paid until you get to page 1! J) which is why we run a (long) list of article topics by you before we begin getting them published.

Other forms of content generation

Apart from generating text based content such as articles and guides, we’re also big on generating Social Media content such as videos, presentations, infographics and so on.

The principles are the same – publish great content which generates traffic on its own, helps SEO and gets bookmarked. However, by using other distribution channels rather than your website alone, we’re building links which helps increase your business credibility with Google and other search engines as well as send non Google traffic to your website.

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Assigning correct keywords to different pages

Another important element of any good SEO strategy is to carefully plan which pages of the website are going to be optimised for which keywords.

At Flow20, you will never find us bunching a long list of SEO terms and allocating them all to your home page. Not only is this ineffective in terms of maximising the benefits from the SEO efforts, but it also poses a serious threat to the number of enquiries or sales you are going to receive once your website starts appearing on page 1.

For example, if you sell holiday tours here’s are the various pages we would optimise for those search terms

  • ‘holiday tours to turkey’ – your home page
  • ‘holiday to turkey prices’ - your page showing prices for holiday to turkey
  • ‘book holiday to turkey’ - an individual page showing all necessary information about the holiday to turkey with a big ‘book now’ button

Benefits of proper grouping of SEO terms with the correct pages

The biggest advantage of this technique is that once your website does reach Google page 1 and the traffic count of your site increases, you’ll experience a much bigger uplift in the number of enquiries and sales than you would have otherwise (you may be interested to read why you aren’t getting any enquiries even though you have first page rankings).

This is because the landing pages of your visitors is completely focused and they should find all the information they need within the (first) landing page itself without having to click about your website.

Another reason why this makes it a very good SEO strategy is that it actually makes the SEO efforts easier! By increasing the relevancy of landing pages and search terms, you aren’t ‘swimming against the tide’ so to speak.

Link building

No effective SEO strategy would be complete without link building as it still has a significant impact to rankings.

At Flow20, we focus only on building links that is within Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and which has the potential not just to help rankings but direct some traffic your way as well.

The key here is absolute quality over quantity. Each month we’ll provide a list of links we built for your website and if you have used professional SEO services before, we think you’ll immediately notice a difference in our Links Report – the number of links we generate is significantly less than many other companies. However, take a closer look at the report and you’ll find that the online properties where we generated your link from are mostly high quality, real websites getting decent traffic on a daily basis.

So, how do we build high quality links?

Via a manual effort of finding niches and good quality sites in your industry and then demonstrating the value to their readers in placing a link to your site.

Sure, the process is longer than if we submitted thousands of links to article directories however, by focusing on sustainable SEO strategies, we have helped our clients remain on top of the rankings despite numerous Google algorithm changes, both small and bigger ones.

Of course, we aren’t saying that once we get your site to a certain position on the first page, it always stays exactly there. however, the fluctuations in rankings is usually minimal and we are able to fix it fairly quickly via tweaks once we have figured out which element of the latest algorithm change resulted in the drop in rankings.

Monthly evaluation of traffic

Another key element of any good SEO strategy is to monitor the quality of traffic. In other words, answer the question “ok great, we’re on page 1 now. But, are our newly found website visitors liking what they see?”.

Getting to page 1 is only half the task accomplished. The other half is getting them to take action – placing an order, making an enquiry or any other conversion you need happened when they get to your website.

Each month, we take a look at your website data , in this case, data on your landing pages such as:

  • Number of visits to pages being optimised
  • Average time on site of new visitors
  • Average time on site of repeat visitors
  • Bounce rates
  • Exit rates

What this enables us to do is to understand ‘relevancy’ of your pages with the search terms based on real feedback from your visitors.

For example, if the number of hits to a certain page is quite high but so is the Bounce Rate (visitors who leave your website without clicking any further) then this can mean that either the quality of traffic isn’t good or the landing page isn’t providing any useful or persuasive information, to name a few.

This can help us take informed decisions on whether to tweak the SEO strategy or add more SEO terms and so on

So there’s a roundup of some of the most important elements of our SEO strategy. There’s many other tools and techniques we use and you’ll find a complete list in the initial proposal we generate for you.

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