Form and function

At Flow20, we know that having a pretty Ecommerce website isn’t enough. Your website should be built with end user in mind. This means, making your online shop easy to use, the browsing experience intuitive, and a checkout process that is hassle free. These are just some of the factors that helps in the creation of a truly effective E-Commerce design.

Having built over 250 websites, Flow20 can help in building an online shop that can become a significant source of revenue for you



Online reservations and ordering

All the features you’ll need, nothing you won’t

Building Ecommerce websites is a serious business as its not just going to serve as a virtual brochure for your brand but it also needs to become a significant revenue driver for your business. We understand this and we understand this well, which is why we include all necessary features and functions that you’ll need to run your operations effectively.

And, because each business usually has a certain set of specific requirements, we take extra care during the initial consultation stage to make sure any bespoke features you may require at a later stage are all built in to your new online store.



I know what I want to sell but have limited knowledge about managing an online shop. Can you help?

This isn’t very uncommon and that isnt a problem. Once we understand the products or service you wish to sell, your industry and your customers, we advise or choose the platform or your online shop, in other words. There are numerous Ecommerce options available and some are better suited to sell certain items than others.

How long does it take to have an Ecommerce website ready?

A lot will depend on the complexity of the website and the level of customisation required. As a guide, it usually takes about 18 working days once we have finished creating the designs for your new website.

I want to add an online shop to my current website. Is that possible?

In most cases yes. We can add Ecommerce features to almost any type of website excepting those that have been created using an online or free website builder such as Yell or Mr.Site. If you already have a website you are currently using, we can add an Ecommerce module that will allow you to sell your products or services via the website. If you’re using a Content Management System (CMS) already such as WordPress, then we can integrate the online shop with it so you can continue using your existing CMS without having to use a second one (to manage the shop).

Are there any ongoing costs once my online store goes live?

There are no ongoing charges. However, if we are hosting your website, then there’s an annual hosting fee.

Is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) taken into account for my Ecommerce Website Design?

Yes. Even if we’re not carrying out the SEO for your website, we still take the necessary steps to ensure that your Ecommerce site will be Search Engine friendly. This means addition of appropriate meta information, h tags (such as h1, h2) and so on. Additionally, you can control every element of your website including those that have an impact on SEO via the Ecommerce Content Management System (CMS).

Does Flow20 use an Ecommerce Website builder software to build our ecommerce websites?

bsolutely not! We know that a lot of Ecommerce design companies out there use ‘builders’ for Ecommerce webstie as they are relatively inexpensive and quick to use. However, they have serious limitations in what you can and cant do and in most cases, the scope for customization is very limited. Most clients who use us require something scalable so that the website can grow as their business does and it’s virtually important to do this with readily available website builders. To learn more, check out list of Ecommerce features of our Content Management System (CMS).

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