Patient Choice International

Using Google Ads and Facebook to generate brand awareness cost-effectively for a small business

Patient Choice International

 Patient Choice International is in the medical tourism business, connecting patients in the UK looking for safe and effective medical care at competitive prices in countries overseas.

PCI recently launched a product called Discogel which is designed to treat slipped disc injuries without surgery and received critical praise in mainstream media publications such as Daily Mail and The Telegraph.

Flow20 ’s campaign objectives were to leverage on the recent press as a way to generate more awareness around the brand, increase its subscriber base as well as make the product known in surgeries around the UK.

The work

 When it comes to brand awareness, few channels work quite as well as Facebook and therefore, Facebook along with Google Ads were the 2 platforms deployed in phase 1.

Dedicated landing pages were setup with a hierarchy which deployed marketing’s tried-and-tested acronym that describes a user’s journey:
  • Attention – With the use of an engaging video placed above-the-gold
  • Interest & Desire – Benefits and features of Discogel
  • Action – Simple and concise no-obligation signup form

The business had a database of past customers and prospects who had expressed interest in the product so using a combination of custom and lookalike audiences for the Facebook and Instagram ads, these were added to the targeting too.


ROI from Discogel’s PPC campaigns has averaged 71% in the 6 months that it was live and also resulted in having it covered in 3 further mainstream news websites.

Key stats over the 6 month period.

  • 250
    Increase in subscriber base
  • 140
    Increase in Facebook fan page audience size

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