Kids in Charge

Triple digit ROI from Google Ads paid search

Kids in Charge

 Kids in Charge is an “Outstanding” rated OFSTED school based in North London founded by Constantia Barrett and operating circa 2006.

The school has experienced strong organic growth year-on-year with occupancy rates nearing to full all but until 2017.

Huge regeneration in the area has led to an explosion of new schools resulting in increased competition and lowering margins.

With the half-term break coming up and the need to generate more bookings for the summer holiday club Flow20 was commissioned to setup and manage a Pay Per Click (PPC) search + display campaign to help improve the bottom line.

The work

 Bearing in mind that this is Kids in Charge’s first digital marketing campaign of any kind and the objectives are purely lead generation, the first call to action was launching a PPC campaign using Google Ads as the platform of choice.

As with any other digital marketing campaign, getting qualified traffic through the door is only one part of the job. Trying to maximise the visitor-to-lead conversion rates would be just as crucial in delivering low lead Cost Per Acquisition which is why in month 2 Flow20 ran tests against different versions of the landing pages to find the ones with the lowest Bounce Rates and highest conversions.

Other management tasks carried out on a weekly basis to reduce wasteful clicks were:
  • Eliminating search terms that have resulted in clicks but no leads
  • Expanding negative keyword lists
  • Testing different ad copies
  • Creating new ad groups based on high-converting keywords and ad copies


Kids in Charge’s first paid search campaign has been a huge success and has helped increase summer camp’s occupancy rates by 70%.

As importantly, leads have been delivered at a relatively low CPA of £9 which is important to keep ROI to the maximum.

  • 35
    Cost Per Acquisition of each lead reduced to £9.10 (industry average £15)
  • 400
    Conversion rates increased to 15% (industry average 4%)

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