Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

PPC Management has now become one of the most commonly used lead-generation tools due to the speed and control that it can offer. However, if not managed efficiently, it can also quickly become a drain on your marketing budget with Cost Per Clicks (CPC) going through the roof and low quality of incoming traffic all of which can result in a very low or non-existent Return on your Investment.

For your PPC marketing campaign to provide any real returns, you need to consistently monitor and manage the performance of your campaign, tweak keywords, landing pages to name just a few. And, this is where Flow20 can help bring professional PPC Management Services to grow your business.




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Full service PPC management

Whether its marketing through Google AdWords, LinkedIn or Twitter, regardless of which PPC platform we utilize, everything that we need, from creation of landing pages to setup of Google Analytics and conversion tracking, we’ve got you covered.

As an online marketing agency, Flow20 has the in-house expertise and resources to create all that we need to get your Pay Per Click campaign up and running in no time. And, because we have an in-house website design team as well, even design and build of effective landing pages is all taken care of.



Why Flow20?

With over 4 years of experience helping clients grow via Pay Per Click advertising channels, if you need to get new customers to your website quick, at Flow20, PPC management and marketing is what we do. We help businesses grow with the power of Google AdWords, creating and managing accounts with 20% less CPC rates than industry averages and higher Click through rates [learn more on some of the ways we do this].

Which Search Engines do you target for PPC ads?

With Google having almost 90% of the Search share in the UK (March, 2013), we have found that focusing our efforts and resources on Google's Adword platform provides the best return by far. Therefore, we primarily work with Google AdWords only. In certain cases, we do carry out Search Marketing campaigns on Bing if your main target audience is more likely to be found on Bing rather than Google [See related post on when to consider Bing].

Can you give us an indication of your costs?

Our monthly management fees starts from 10% of your total ad spend for the month. This can however change depending on the your budget, with high budget accounts benefiting from a lower monthly management fee and the initial campaign setup charges. To give you some idea, our charges for managing PPC campaigns start from 10% of your total ad spend.

Can you guarantee top 3 ad positions on Google AdWords?

Unfortunately, it is simply impossible to do so as there are a lot of factors which will affect your ad positions including the amount of Cost per Click you are willing to pay, your budget and so on. In fact, unlike Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), it sometimes make more sense not to compete for top positions in a PPC campaign, especially when the buying life-cycle of your product is long and carrying out extensive research before making a purchase is common.

Ultimately, our expertise lies in providing a real and measurable return on your ad spend and it's not so much your ad's position that will determine this.

Will I need to create new pages on my website especially for the PPC campaign?

That will largely depend on the current structure of your website, the number of pages and the quality of content. In most cases, we create separate landing pages for the campaign optimised for lead-generation. This helps convert a higher number of ad visitors into leads or sales and keeps the Quality Score high. If you have heard of 'landing pages' before, simply put, these are pages especially created with an end goal in mind, in this case, maximising the number of leads/enquiries you receive from your Pay Per Click campaign. Whilst using landing pages as part of your PPC strategy may result in higher initial costs, based on our experience, the improvement in campaign performance that a landing page brings will allow you to recoup the initial cost from day 7 of the PPC campaign. Landing pages typically yield a higer convesion rate and when you take into account, and when you take into account that even a 1% increase in conversion rate can more than double your profits, using landing pages makes sense [For more on landing pages, see ubounce's article].

I'm not sure between PPC and SEO. Can you advise?

This is a common question we find our clients asking and the first thing we ask you to consider is how quickly you need to start generating leads and sales from the marketing efforts. PPC is very effective in this regard as you can almost have potential visitors to your website in a matter of minutes from launch of the PPC campaign. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on the other hand takes much longer to start seeing results.

The other important factor to consider is your budget. In the long-run, SEO will almost certainly be more cost-effective, as you aren't paying each time someone clicks on your listing with the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This is especially true if you're in highly competitive online industries such as insurance, law and medical, to name a few.

Why Choose Flow20


There’s no better indicator on campaign performance than how many customers your PPC campaign is delivering which is why you’ll often find us obsessing over this number!


Getting traffic at competitive CPCs is just half the story. Getting those visitors to convert is where the real Return on Investment lies and is something we build into our strategy from day 1

Proactive management

We manage PPC campaigns actively and in most cases daily making the necessary adjustments and tweaks to improve Quality Scores and reduce Cost Per Clicks

Split testing

Using Google Analytics’ inbuilt conversion testing tool, we evaluate several landing page versions during the setup to come up with the one most likely to deliver the best retur

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