Pay Per Click (PPC) Management & Marketing Services

Looking for the quickest way to start getting potential customers to your visit? It doesn't get any quicker than Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing.

PPC Marketing has now become one of the most commonly used lead-generation tools due to the speed and control that it can offer. However, if not carried out correctly, it can also quickly become a drain on your marketing budget with Cost Per Clicks going through the roof and low quality of incoming traffic all of which can result in a very low or non existent Return on your Investment.

For a PPC Marketing Campaign to provide any real returns, you need to consistently monitor and manage the performance of your campaign, tweak keywords, landing pages to name just a few. And, this is where Flow20 can can help bring professional PPC Management Services to grow your business.

So, why choose Flow20?

  • Proven track record of helping clients lower their Cost Per Click whilst improving quality of traffic [Click here to view some Success Stories]
  • Weekly reporting to show you the work being carried out and how that is improving your PPC campaign
  • No contracts. Can't handle all the leads? Stop whenever you like and no additional charges to resume the campaign

Our goal isn't just to get you top ad positions. It's to get you there for the keywords that matter. The keywords that will bring in visitors more likely to convert into customers.


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How much?

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