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Website Maintenance Services

If you are looking for a reliable company to fulfill your on-going website maintenance or management requirements, Flow20 can help.

Flow20's Maintenance Services offers you fast, cost-effective and immediate support for all your web design, development and IT support needs. Need a new web page created? Content added? No problem! Whatever you need done, if it can be done online, Flow20 can do it!.

Think of it as a Virtual Assistant for your online needs plus you get the benefit of a 3 hour response time guarantee, regular backups, malware checks and much more.




Can you give me some examples of what the management plan covers?

Just about anything related to your online or I.T needs. Adding a new page to your existing website, getting a professional copywriter to create the content, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), to name a few.

You’ll also find this service useful for non-website related tasks such as getting presentations or a brochure designed and sorting out MS Excel spread sheets, for example.

In short, if it can be done online, there’s a pretty good chance we can do it.

What are the benefits of having a Website Maintenance Contract in place?

For starters, you have the peace-of-mind that if you need something done or fixed, it will usually be done within 1 business day (of course, it can take longer depending on the size or complexity of the task).

Another major benefit is knowing that your website is always backed up and secured. For example, each time we carry out any work on your website, we take a backup before-hand.

Additionally, a complete backup copy of your website is updated in real time in 3 separate locations.

Can you give me more information about your Website Maintenance costs and plans?

We offer 2 maintenance plans – Pay by the hour or a Monthly retainer.

For the hourly plan, we simply carry out the work that you need done and send you an itemised billing at the end of each month. We’ll usually send you an estimate of the amount of time the task (or a batch of tasks) will take before starting work.

The monthly retainer plans is where we charge a set fee for a specified number of work hours each month.

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