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At Flow20, we love helping local businesses like you grow with the power of a beautiful and effective website.

Whether its a new website you need built, your existing one redesigned or looking for SEO in Brixton, Flow20 can design your new website that can help you grow. We love working with local businesses because amongst other things, we can meet as often as required to discuss your website during its design and development phases as its far easier than constantly going back/forth over an endless thread of emails.








Why should I choose Flow20 for my web design project?

If you are a Small Business and based in or around Brixton, Flow20 can become your ideal partner to help you succeed online. We have been offering webdesign services since 2008 and helped many businesses grow by creating website that simply work (check out some web design Success Stories).

Moreover, being local to us gives us the advantage to have face to face meetings if required which usually helps expedite any work we may be carrying out for you and/or deliver better results.

How long would it take to create my new website?

That entirely depends on the project scope but as a guide, simple “brochure” style website takes 17 working days and Ecommerce website design and development takes 26 working days. These numbers are based from the time the Design Phase is complete. The Design Phase is during which we create the web designs for your new website and get them approved by you before moving on to the Development Phase.

What is the project development process?

Usually, there’s 4 stages from start to finish as listed below.

Before, we get started however, we send across a questionnaire which we ask you to fill out. This would contain a range of questions which will help us determine the correct design direction for your new website design. Your answers also helps us customise the Content Management System (we love WordPress!) and make sure it has all the features you may need now to keep your website up-to-date.

1. Design – this is where we create mock-up designs of your new site. There’s usually 2-3 rounds of revision cycles where we incorporate your feedback and present revised design. We create designs for most pages from your new site (makes the development process smoother).

2. Development - once all designs have been signed off, we’re ready to begin development. We usually don’t need any input from you at this stage until we reach.

3. Testing – once all development is complete, we’ll carry out the website test, forms, Content Management System (CMS) and so on after which you’ll have a chance to do the same

4. Launch – and that’s it. You’re shiny, new website has just gone live so it’s time to celebrate!

Do you offer Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services as well?

Yes we do. In fact Web Design and SEO are our 2 core competencies. For more information, see our dedicated SEO for Brixton businesses page.

Why Choose Flow20


Flow20 websites are design and built with SEO in mind from the ground-up. Everything from h-tags to sitemaps and everything in between is taken care of to ensure that Google can index your site easily and with minimal effort


Having a mobile friendly website is an absolute must especially if you’re a bricks and mortar business. Your new website is fully mobile and tablet friendly and guaranteed to pass Google’s mobile test


How effectively your website converts visitors into leads or customers is what’ll determine your ROI. Using a process of split testing, our website design process helps come up with a design that your users prefer


From website maintenance to marketing advice, whatever it is you need once your website is launched, we’re to help you get the best return from your investment

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