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Social Media

Whether its building relationships with your customers, increasing loyalty or generate leads, Social Media has the power to help you achieve your goals and grow your business.

Whilst many businesses have already embraced Social Media to a certain extent, having your Social Media presence professionally managed can help you.Increase visibility of your brand — Social Media helps you stand out in a sea of competitors by giving your brand a unique appeal.
Increase credibility of your brand — Research has shown that customers find companies that use social media to be more open and trustworthy.Increase customer loyalty and build a community — Social Media helps build community around your business and brand. Increase traffic to your website or blog — Social Media allows your fans and followers to seamlessly get regular updates from you, which over time, results in more leads and therefore, sales.
When you partner with Flow20 it’s like having your own Social Media Department. Hiring us on a monthly basis typically costs less than a third of the monthly cost of hiring an employee in-house to handle your social media business strategy. What’s more, having successfully managed the social marketing needs of a wide range of clients, we can bring a diverse range of skills and expertise to your own brand.

Your customers are spending 35% of their time on Social Media. Is your company a part of that?

If you have an active Social Media account, you promote content via it, you generate leads and referrals via it, then you have a Social Media strategy (even if didnt start out with a structured one) in place and it’s working. Whereas, some 75% of business across the UK have a Social Media account, whether thats Facebook, twitter or something else, the number of business who use it actively is much less. Having a strategy when it comes to Social Media means that you have clearly defined end goals in mind from your Social Media presence – whether it’s generating likes/followers, leads, brand mentions and so on.
If you’re asking this, chances are that you have read or heard somewhere that whilst Social Media is great for building your brand and loyalty, it’s not so effective to increase your sales. Those days are long gone and sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have shown that you can generate leads as a direct result of using it. Consider the power of having a satisfied customer of yours place a testimonial on their Facebook page linking to you. This has the potential to be seen by users across her network which can mean a new stream of enquiries for you.
Absolutely! Social Media isn’t just for the big brands anymore. Just like a website, having an active Social Media presence has become essential no matter how big or small your business is.
Very much so. Social Signals has become an even bigger part in determining rankings by Google as well as Bing. All other things being equal, a brand with an active Social Media presence will outperform one without in the race to the top of page.
At Flow20, our goal is to help you achieve your business goals with the help of Social Media. At the outset you may think that the goal of every business Facebook page must be to generate likes, that is far from the truth. Generating likes is the easy part. Generating likes from potential customers or those that could provide referrals or generate awareness of your brand is much more difficult and where a well thought out strategy can be especially beneficial.

Before we begin any work, we take the time to understand your business and help you define goals if you aren’t sure what they should be. With a clear strategy in mind, we begin the actual implementation of the work – generation and distribution of Social Media content with the strategy in mind.

Flow20 offers a full-service Social Media marketing service – from managing your account to generation of content and fans, we take care of it all. You’re kept up-to-date at all times via a activity and channel performance report.
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