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As a company that wants to harness the power of SEO and page 1 rankings and grow, you’ll know the importance of finding a reliable SEO in Brixton that can help you achieve just that.

We understand that all too well which is why we’ve designed every aspect of our SEO service to make it easier and affordable to help our partners grow so that we can grow with them. For example, you have nothing to start paying monthly until we have gotten at least half of the keywords within your campaign to page 1. There’s absolutely no minimum keyword requirements and just as importantly, there are no contracts to try and hold you down.








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Focus on sales not traffic

If you’ve used the help of a SEO in Brixton or elsewhere, we don’t think we’d sound far fetched when we say their focus has been on keyword rankings not leads. At Flow20, whilst that indeed is one of the important performance indicators that we look at, a far more effective gauge of campaign performance is the actual delivery of leads and/or sales that came about as a result of the SEO efforts.

Via an advanced Google Analytics integration that is part of the initial setup, our performance reports doesn’t just include how your keyword rankings have moved on a weekly basis but we also look at how many leads and/or sales the SEO brings in. Not only does this help us evaluate our own performance but you also get a clear picture about the Return on Investment as well as feasibility from your SEO campaign. For more info on our SEO services click here








Why Choose Flow20

Pay on results

Only start paying the monthly charges once at least half of the agreed keywords within your SEO campaign reach Google page 1

No contracts

We hate contracts as much as you do. As long as we deliver results, you'll continue using us. Simple

Sensible reports

Keyword ranking report is just the tip of the iceberg. Get the complete picture with our monthly ROI report


A page 1 listing is no good if it doesn’t deliver results. Flow20’s SEO focuses on rankings as well as leads

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