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A Lead Based Approach

Anyone can build a website. But generating qualified traffic and leads is another thing. A lot of ingredients are needed to make it successful, one among them is your website rankings. Whether you’re a business in Canary Wharf looking for SEO or elsewhere, consider your website as a garden. Think what will happen if you build a garden and forget to maintain it? Yes, it will look dull and hasty. On other hand, if you water the plants, weed out excess grass, inspect the plants for pests, use the correct fertilizer, you’ll definitely get healthy and blooming garden loaded with veggies and fruits.

In a similar way, if you give a wholesome diet to your website, it will definitely attract more customers and in turn improve your ROI. Let’s jumpstart with what SEO is and why it is necessary especially for competitive areas like Canary Wharf, financial districts and City! Well, in this digital era no one is untouched by the beauty of content marketing. Whether you are a small business owner or a large business honcho, having a website is always a plus.


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SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a trick to befool the customers that we are the best in our town.. well, jokes apart! Actually, it is a technique to make our presence felt. Various on page and off page techniques are utilized to improve the business rankings. It is said,” Building a website without SEO is like building a road without direction.” Now that we all have understood the importance of SEO let’s get connected to the term professional SEO company.

Continuing the above-mentioned metaphor, think what will happen if an unprofessional gardener is hired for the job. The answer is simple, the garden will decay and plants will die a natural death, in a similar way if an unprofessional SEO team is hired, definitely the company will suffer a huge loss. The customers may wane away like a wind, the stakeholders will lose their trust and the owner will be in dismay. Hence, there is a need of professional SEO Company that can bring a revolutionary change.


Designed with conversions in mind


Unlike other companies, Flow20 is a SEO company in Canary Wharf using performance based pay and evalution. Whenever a client comes to us we audit their site, with regard to domain age, content and keyword inclusion. For every site, we follow a unique approach. At flow 20, we don’t understand the meaning of standard treatment. Every customer is one-of-a-kind and so is our approach.

At, Flow 20 we don’t want to blow our trumpet about serving and customers across niche and much more to continue. Here, we just put our best foot forward and tell you what we can do for your business.





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Results speak louder

We’re guessing you dislike long term contracts as much as we do which is why we’ve designed our SEO services to be 100% contract-free. We don’t believe in imposing long-term contracts just so you’ll continue using us. There’s far too much competition out there and the only sustainable way we’ll be able to retain your services is by continually delivering on our promises and guarantees.



Do we guarantee results?

It is the most commonly asked question by our customers. And our answer is slow and steady wins the SEO race. Yes! With our consistent efforts, perseverance, and determination to make your business strong, we guarantee you the results. And our work doesn’t end here. Our aim is to make your page stand tall among the competitors.

Are there any long term contracts?

Okay, do you really have time to enter into long-term contracts and read the terms and conditions that are subject to market risk? Well, even we don’t have. To make it crisp and clear, contracts are a thing of past, if you like it, own it otherwise discard it. There are far too many competitors than we can think of and the only way to thrive in this environment is to continually deliver our promises and guarantees. And, here, we guarantee you peace of mind.

We had a website managed by so called professional SEO company, but couldn’t see the results. Why should we hire you?

Well, trust is an expensive gift it can’t be won by arguments or word of mouth; you have to work towards it and forge a strong partnership with the clients. Don’t worry? We will help you maintain your website by constantly implementing fair SEO practices.

I think my budget will overreact with your services?

A big no! Just as we previously said, for us every customer is a king, so your money will be taken care of. All our services are cost-effective and customer friendly. Moreover, we have a plan for every customer depending upon his/her budget.

What kind of services will be included in your SEO basket?

We’ll provide you a platter full of sumptuous SEO dishes. Apart from common SEO tasks like creating alt tags, meta titles and h tags and optimizing the content, we are a social media geek. Yes, we have a definite strategy on how to make your business work.

Here’s a sneak peek at the kind of services that will be included in SEO campaign:

  • Organic link building technique
  • Content generation and distribution
  • Social Media content generation
  • Web promotion
  • Web content generation
  • Improving conversion rate
  • Attracting more customers through innovative social media campaigns
  • Creating paid campaigns if required

Is my business too small to be promoted on social media?

We will make it big, prosperous and ever shining. Your customers can connect through social media dots too, so we don’t want to leave any stone unturned. We believe, the success of a business, don’t happen by chance or coincidence, it's because of our untiring efforts that refuse to die down even in face of adversaries.

Will you share the performance report with me?

Yes! Of course, as a business owner, you have all rights to know where your business stands. Whether it under the bushes finding its way? Or is running a rat race? Or has raced up? At Flow 20, we will provide you update weekly performance reports on Google docs. Through it, you can see the performance of the campaigns and the likely improvements.

How long would it take to witness the results?

It totally depends upon different factors like:

  • The age of domain
  • Your current business rankings
  • Competitors in the chosen keyword terms
  • Online competitiveness of your industry
  • We would like to conclude with a thought to be pondered upon- SEO services put your company into the spotlight and it is an ongoing investment. What do you feel?

For more information on some of the techniques we use, click here.

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Only start paying the monthly charges once at least half of the agreed keywords within your SEO campaign reach Google page 1

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We hate contracts as much as you do. As long as we deliver results, you'll continue using us. Simple

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Keyword ranking report is just the tip of the iceberg. Get the complete picture with our monthly ROI report


A page 1 listing is no good if it doesn’t deliver results. Flow20’s SEO focuses on rankings as well as leads

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