Sofa Genie

SEO Recovery and Strategy Case Study

Sofa Genie

 Sofa Genie is a retailer of high quality sofa covers. This niche industry is far more competitive than it would seem at first glance with Google Ads taking up almost 80% of the visible area above-the-fold which means a top 3 organic ranking is critical for lead generation.

After having their organic rankings obliterated as a result of black-hat link building and other questionable SEO tactics, Sofa Genie came to us, an SEO services company in London, in 2015 to help recover their dominant position and get their SEO generating leads for them again.

The imperative here was to get the highest value keywords back to a top 3 ranking and then, to expand the keywords to tap into new markets and demographics.

The work

 The first task was to assess the damage, which meant undertaking a complete backlink audit for the last 3 years. As expected, almost 80% of the backlink profile consisted of directory submissions and single page websites put up for the sole purpose of generating a link. With a disavow list of almost 80k links submitted to Google the next step was to start the SEO process to improve rankings.

A closer analysis of the website and key pages also revealed scope for further improvements in the form of removing multiple pages being targeted for the same keyword, excessive use of keywords and a poor user experience that had kept bounce and exit rates high.


With all changes implemented and indexed by Google, Phase 1’s results were a 22% uplift in rankings. And this was without off-page SEO tasks, such as link building, even underway yet.

In Month 3, the link building and content marketing campaign started and about 80 days later 70% of the original keywords had a top 5 rank with a further set of about 30 keywords now on Page 1.

The campaign has been an astounding success with a return with traffic to the website increased by over 400%. As of Nov 2017, Sofa Genie continues to be a valued client with more than 7 different projects carried out during this time.

  • 400
    Increase in traffic year on year
  • 30
    Decrease in Bounce Rates over the last 3 months

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