Selina Blow

ECommerce retailer of fashion wear for women

Selina Blow

ECommerce retailer of fashion wear for women
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The brief

Selina Blow sells women’s dresses via its 3 retail outlets as well as online with its USP being that it is a women-centric brand made for and run by women.

While the sales from its retail outlet has been growing consistently y/y, little attention was paid to the digital marketing side of the brand with online accounting for very little sales most of which came about as a result of referrals and/or from people passing their stores.

What made matters worse was that the website was highly ineffective in converting clicks to sales and an outdated look/feel didn’t accurately represent the brand anymore.

We were brought in to help launch and manage digital marketing campaigns that can increase the level of online sales for Selina Blow and to be able to do this as consistently as possible, taking into account fluctuations in seasonality, appeal and demand of the offering.

The work

One of the current assets for Selina Blow was its website which was already getting healthy levels of local traffic from the Google My Business properties so we decided to take a deep dive into the data via Google Analytics and Facebook insights to help us better understand their user’s online behaviours.

We also worked with a creative team to help clean up the website and make it look fresher and mobile optimised, since a large % of online sales in fashion wear either originate and/or end on a mobile or tablet.

On the digital marketing side, we launched a multi format campaign on Facebook and Instagram that included an array of ad formats such as videos, carousel, images and posts.

With over 100 items on sale, it was important to keep a close eye on the items and product categories so budget and resource allocation can be constantly adjusted based on the results from all the split tests set up for the ads and campaigns.

An extensive remarketing campaign was put in place too with different ad campaigns and messaging catering to the buyer personas as well as behaviour. For example, all users who begin checkout but didn’t complete would be shown a different ad compared to those who did checkout (in which case a cross-selling campaign would kick in)


The campaign began producing results quickly with sales from the shopping campaigns starting to come through on about day 8.

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) hovered between 3.4 - 7.5 which exceeded the target of 2 as per the initial brief. Cost Per Sale was about 30% lower than the target set forth initially.

  • 350+
    Return on Ad Spend as a % delivered
  • 30
    Lower Cost Per Sale than target

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