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Link building service

Having good links pointing to your website is still one of the most important elements of a successful SEO campaign and to stand any chance of getting top 5 rankings regardless of what industry or sector you’re in, you need relevant and high-quality links pointing to your website.

This is where Flow20’s link building servicescan help your business.

For over 9 years, we’ve been helping businesses just like you grow via link building and managed SEO campaigns and we’re happy to now introduce our link building as a standalone service for those who have other aspects of SEO handled.


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Results first

If the goal of link building is to get top ranking across organic search, shouldn’t your link building agency have page 1 rankings themselves?

That’s a good question and it might give you some peace of mind to know that as a result of backlinks we’ve built for us (and good SEO of course) you’ll find us on page 1 for keywords such as ‘online marketing London’ ‘online marketing services London’ ‘SEO Brixton’ and ‘PPC management London’ to name only a few.

If you’d like to see our portfolio of links built for clients or SEO Case Studies, please send us an email to and we’ll be happy to send you more info.


Designed with conversions in mind

Complete transparency

We’ve been in the business long enough to know one of the complaints many businesses and agencies have is lack of transparency from their SEO or link building agency.

You won’t find any of that here. With each link that we build for you, we’ll provide you with a report containing the link as well as Domain Authority to help you evaluate link quality.





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Results speak louder

We’re guessing you dislike long term contracts as much as we do which is why we’ve designed our SEO services to be 100% contract-free. We don’t believe in imposing long-term contracts just so you’ll continue using us. There’s far too much competition out there and the only sustainable way we’ll be able to retain your services is by continually delivering on our promises and guarantees.



Are the backlinks permanent?

All backlinks we build are as permanent as they can be. As Flow20 does not own the websites we build links on, its impossible to guarantee permanent backlinks but since they are all genuine websites with most of them being updated regularly, they have been and most likely will be around for a long time to come.

Is link authority more important or link relevance?

In a single word, relevance. Generally speaking, the higher the website’s Domain Authority (DA), the more SEO value it should bring. However, when building links, always bear in mind that your backlink profile needs to look natural and relevant and the more relevant the links the better it is. Therefore, if you’re selling shoes, a DA29 backlink from a retailer who sells shoes or clothing will have far more of an impact than a DA51 link from a website offering kitchens!

How long will it take to see results?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked question of a link building service and as much as we’d like to give you a straight-forward answer, the reality is that it will depend on a few factors.

Assuming the recently built links are of good quality and relevant, it will depend on how quickly the link(s) have been indexed by Google i.e. Google knows about them since each website has its own crawl rate.

You then have to wait for Google to carry out its evaluation and decide if/where to assign ranks in the light of the new link. What will also make an impact here is the competitiveness of the industry. In areas like insurance, medical and law, online competition is fierce and Google algorithms are perhaps working overtime and in our experience it can take longer than less competitive fields.

If we had to assign a number (what you’ve been waiting for) we’d say anywhere between 1-3 months.

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