Google AdWords Case Study


 When a FTSE listed company needs to maximize productivity or help their employees reach their peak potential they enlist POD to come in and take charge.

POD has been providing executive coaching and organizational development services for over 18 years and, as a result of having a laser-like focus and delivering outstanding results for some of the largest organizations in the UK, almost 80% of POD’s revenue came from repeat work and referrals.

Whilst that is great in terms of building brand loyalty, growth can be restricted when you’re targeting a relatively small demographic.

Flow20’s brief entailed giving the POD website a make-over and creating and implementing a lead generation plan via digital marketing.

With the wide range of training and consultancy services that POD offered, the plan had to be within budget, designed to generate leads with the agreed Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and require minimal inputs from POD’s busy team.

The work

 Flow20 started with the website’s redesign, as it hadn’t been updated for almost five years and didn’t quite reflect the needs and profile of the target audience.

In addition the website’s KPIs were very poor, esp. on the conversion rate side of things, and by addressing this before the marketing was underway, we could ultimately help increase ROI.

Several lead generation tools such as forms, live chat and a Case Study section were implemented.

The chosen channels for the SEM campaign were Google AdWords, Social Media (Facebook & Instagram), LinkedIn and remarketing (Google Display Network and Quora) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). With the campaign targeting numerous services, it made sense to stagger them into marketing phases, so each stage could pay for the next without requiring a budget increase.


As of Dec 2018 it has been over 24 months and the campaign is still live and delivering an average of £3.50 for every £1 spent.

  • 400
    ROI delivered
  • 30
    Increase in conversion rates compared to 3 months ago

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