Criminal Barristers London

Google Ads Case Study


 CBL is a subsidiary of Old Bailey Solicitors and is one of the leading criminal barrister firms in the City.

Established in 2003, CBL’s growth so far has primarily been via word of mouth and personal contacts of the firm’s team of solicitors and barristers but competition in the space is now more than ever and CBL was looking for a solution to begin generating new leads on a consistent basis and at a sustainable Cost Per Lead.

At the back of some work Flow20 did for another law firm (Lloyd Donnelly), CBL reached out to Flow20 to commission us with the task of creating an online marketing strategy for lead generation and then managing the campaigns on an ongoing basis.

The work

 Flow20 started with the website’s redesign, as it hadn’t been updated for almost 7 years and didn’t quite reflect the needs and profile of the target audience.

In addition the website’s KPIs were very poor, esp. on the visitor to lead conversion rate side of things, and by addressing this before the marketing was underway, we could ultimately help increase ROI.

Several lead generation tools such as dynamic forms and live chat were also installed so as to make it as easy as possible for users to get in touch.

For the digital marketing platform, we chose Google Ads as there would be no other platform more suitable here – after all, many users looking for a criminal lawyer may be in a state of distress and urgency and need to speak to one right away and Google Ads allow you to appear in front of this audience group quickly and effectively.

We knew remarketing may not be as effective here as most users will or won’t make an enquiry on their first visit so we didn’t want to waste any click budget there. Instead, we opted for a number of Google Ads formats including Call Ads as that allowed users to simply click on the ad and get connected without the need to visit the landing page.

Dedicated landing pages were put together so that the landing page and website pages very closely match the user’s search query (example: creating dedicated landing pages for DUI vs sexual offences vs domestic crime an so on).


As of Dec 2018 it has been over 24 months and the campaign is still live and delivering an average of £3.50 for every £1 spent.

  • 150
    ROI delivered
  • 80
    Increase in conversion rates compared to 3 months ago

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