Designed with conversions in mind

Stay in touch with your customers

In a world of increasing competition, easy access to information and constant noise, it's important to stay in the mind of your customer. A regular e-newsletter can make this possible and is possibly the most cost-effective form of marketing.

Sending out newsletters is the easy part. What's more complex is getting your recipient to open it, read it and most importantly, do something about it.The design of the newsletter is extremely important because not only would it help your newsletter stand out by its visual appeal but also make it easy for your user to absorb and then act upon the information.

Flow20's Newsletter Design Service can help deliver a new design for your newsletter with the same care and precision that it builds its websites.





Designed with conversions in mind

Email Marketing

Even with the growth of Social Media channels such as Facebook, twitter and YouTube, to name a few, email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective ways of keeping in touch with your customer.

As a company offering email marketing services since 2008, we have small but talented team of newsletter designers who will create beautiful custom made newsletters for your email marketing (alternatively, check out City Printing for brochures, book binding and magazine printing services).

The sign of an effective newsletter design is when it generates a response with the recipient in some way – whether that’s a visit to your website, an enquiry or a sale. And at Flow20, that’s precisely what we keep in mind when designing your newsletter.



Build brand loyalty with effective email marketing campaigns