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You’ve gone to all that trouble to make sure you have a well-designed website and now you need to think about the messaging. Get your website’s copy bang on, and you’ll be reaping the rewards. Get it wrong, and you’ll be wondering why your enquiries have dried up. That’s where you need the services of a professional copywriter. At Flow20, we offer a complete writing service that gets to the heart of your visitors’ problems and conveys a solution that’s engaging and persuasive.
The days of keyword stuffing are long gone. Search engines like Google want to see copy that’s naturally written, with the needs of the audience well and truly catered for. They want to see that you are offering a genuine solution; one that builds trust and provides a solid reason why potential customers should choose you over your competitors. When you tick these boxes, you stand a greatly increased chance of getting your website higher up in the listings. Let’s face it; you want to be seen in the first three, on page No.1.
The general focus should adhere to the fundamental principles of selling: attention, interest, desire, conviction and action. These are ideally articulated through your site’s main navigation pages, but typically, SEO (search engine optimization) copy is generated for things such as content for Social Media or PPC management, blog posts and articles. These additional elements help to build trust and give your website increased opportunities to be indexed by the search engines. And now with social media being so prevalent, it provides reasons for people to share and like your content.

Because a professional website copywriter can increase your conversions by as much as 340%

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