August 2, 2022

Why PPC And SEO Work Well Together

Many website owners know of SEO (search engine optimization) as the most natural and budget-friendly way to increase interest and traffic to their site for potential sales.

However, when combined with PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, it really boosts the possibility of more visitors and leads to your landing page for wider recognition and thus an even greater chance of profits.

Pay-per-click advertising is a marketing method that enables internet users to see your company’s ads displayed in noticeable areas throughout search engine results pages and social media networks.

This way, those interested can click on them and also be taken to your page, where they can learn more about your company and/or purchase your products or services.

It also provides many other opportunities for online businesses to increase potential customers, especially when combined with SEO, including:

More Ways For Your Company To Be Seen And Accessed In Search Engines

PPC ads are paid searches that enable your site to appear within the top three search results pages (SERPs) when someone searches for the highest ranking keywords you gained via the top bids.

Therefore, it presents yet more occasions to rank high and stand out in search engine results pages for more valuable clicks.

In the meantime, provided your website is also dominating the top search results in SERPs, it helps ensure even more potential sales power over competitors.

Find Effective SEO Keywords And Content For Your Website

It can be challenging to find effective keywords for your website SEO efforts, even when using keyword planner tools, such as the Google Planner Tool.

However, with PPC advertising, you can easily test organic keywords for their effectiveness before incorporating them into your site to ensure they will perform well.

One way to do this is to run a PPC ad for the SEO keyword in question. This way, if it provides favorable results for your PPC campaign, it is a good indicator that it will also perform well for your SEO campaign.

You can also use the site search feature to analyze the most commonly used terms that customers are using to conduct their searches, which can then be used to generate content that matches their habits and better appeals to their needs.

You can also use this information to create meta descriptions and more to help your pages rank organically.

Double The Data For More Powerful Internet Marketing

Both SEO and PPC ad tools provide analytics that, when used together, enable you to gain a more in-depth view of your campaign’s performance based on important statistics, such as bounce rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, time spent on pages and more.

This, in turn, enables you to make better decisions towards gaining more leads.

So you see, there are many reasons why PPC and SEO work well together. And PPC campaigns can also be structured in a way that makes them affordable so that businesses of all sizes can benefit from adding them to their SEO campaign. 

About Shirish Agarwal

Shirish Agarwal is the founder of Flow20 and looks after the PPC and SEO side of things. Shirish also regularly contributes to leading digital marketing publications such as Hubspot, SEMRush, Wordstream and Outbrain. Connect with him on LinkedIn.