August 17, 2016

Online Marketing – What you need to know (Aug 16)

Limited use of Google’s keyword planner for low and non spending accounts

The keyword planner is a free tool that has long been a staple in every online marketer’s toolkit whether that’s for SEO or PPC. However, you may soon have only limited access unless you’re using Google’s AdWords platform.Google keyword planner

Whilst this shouldn’t come to most as a great surprise as when all is said and done, Google is an advertising company first and the accuracy of data has always been questionable, this is the primary go-to tool for most marketers and if you’ve only been using it for SEO purposes it may soon be time to find alternatives.

Search Engine Land has more info on this update and if you’re looking for a list of free alternatives to the Keyword planner, check out SEJ.

Barack Obama on Reddit

Did you know that Barack reddit screenshotObama has a AMA (Ask Me Anything) account on Reddit? No joke. And, it’s not news per se as he’s had the session going there for 3 years now.

What is new however, is that last week he announced he’d also be reading his Facebook messages personally, a total of 10 (including emails and letters). More on CNBC.

Google My Business Insights

Google My Business is an important marketing channel for any small business, Views on Googlemore so if you have a brick and mortar store.

Last week, Google has given their analytics platform for My Business an upgrade giving page managers much more useful information and insights into their page performance as well as other key elements such as:

  • How many people are seeing your listingSearches on Google
  • Whether they’re coming from Google search or Maps – this is good as you can use this information to take marketing decisions especially if you’re a restaurant or a local establishment
  • Whether they looked for you directly or found you whilst browsing

Learn more at Google’s official announcement page .

Clinton vs Trump – who is winning in online marketing?

In terms of pure nClinton vs Trumpumbers, Trump leads the way in terms fo number of twitter and Instagram followers and Facebook fans and Clinton is ahead on YouTube and LinkedIn. Engagement metrics however paint a different story.

Head over to Entrepreneur website for the full infographic or click here for commentary on Forbes.

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