August 7, 2013

A basic guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of videos

The video marketing revolution is not around the corner but notably arrived and can boast of being one of the fastest growing online marketing channels. Internet users are creating and consuming video content at a substantial rate since it has already proven an effective means of promoting businesses and effectively conveying their message.

Video marketing combines the best of two ever evolving and exciting worlds: television and internet, providing an exciting new avenue for effective online marketing.

  • Consumption of online video surpassed 770 billion views across the U.S., U.K., France and Germany in 2011
  • By 2015, paid-for online video spending is predicted to reach close to £4bn across the four countries.
  • Smartphones sales are projected to surpass 450 million units worldwide for 2011, fuelled mainly by the impact of Android-based handsets.

Improve Search Rankings with Video Marketing

If you are hoping to increase search engine rankings for your website, it is no longer an option not to utilize video marketing. Now that search engines incorporate videos and images into standard search results, businesses have the ability to gain greater visibility by employing standard video SEO formulas.

Here’s a basic guide on optimizing your video content for Search Engines and help your videos gain maximum views

1. Optimize with keywords

As with any type of text-based content, video SEO includes enhancing with targeted keywords — for both user experience as well as search engines. Try using keywords in:

  • File name
  • Title
  • Tags
  • URL
  • Link text

2. Distribute videos on multiple video-sharing sites

Besides posting videos on your site, consider taking advantage of video-sharing sites which are valuable tools for expanding your online presence and acquiring more links.

YouTube is the number 1 video sharing website so you at the very least you should create your own channel and post your video here. For example, you can check out our YouTube channel at where we upload all our corporate video production work.

However, don’t forget other to utilize some of the other video sharing websites to help you increase your online presence and maximise your video’s exposure, such as:

3. Apply a linking strategy

Your video will be judged by the same linking standards as all forms of digital content. Thus, building both internal and external links is vital for video SEO:

  • Cross-link to other videos
  • Link to videos from relevant web pages
  • Link to videos in blog posts
  • Tweet the video
  • Link to videos from social media pages

4. Urge users to share your videos

If you would like users to share your videos, create content worth sharing. If your video doesn’t interest, entertain or inform, users won’t share it, let alone watch it:

  • Encourage users to comment on your video
  • Simplify the way users can share your video on You Tube, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

5. Re-use your videos

Much like text content, the more optimized your video, the better. Get creative in order to re-use your videos across the web:

  • Insert videos in blog posts
  • Create multiple shorter videos out of a longer video
  • Post a screen shot of your video  to an image-share site such as Flickr
  • Turn other content, like training videos, into digital assets for your website

Simply put, video is a powerful content driver. It is by nature, viral – a quality video can be one of the most effective channels for spreading your message, brand, or product around the world in the blink of an eye.

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