July 30, 2013

5 Upselling techniques to increase your online sales

5 Online upselling techniques to increase your website sales

Most e-commerce websites convert anywhere between 2-4% of their visitors into a sale. Highly customer-centric sites like Amazon or Proflowers convert about 9.6% and 14.1% (yes, incredible!).

One of the most effective way to increase your online sales is to inform and encourage buyers to purchase other items from your catalogue that may be interest to them. Another proven method that works is to encourage shoppers to consider the next higher priced item if it in fact, could meet their needs better. The broad term for this is upselling and when done correctly, it can help increase your online sales significantly.

Upselling is also very effective since it maximizes the Return on Investment per customer thereby reducing individual Cost Per Acquisition.

There are a lot of interesting and useful ways to upsell. Here are some that we regularly use on the Ecommerce websites that we build:

Upselling online Technique 1: Would you like 2?
Offer a discount for items when purchased in multiple quantities. This works well for items that are consumed regularly such as nutritional supplements, socks and so on.

Upselling online Technique 2: “People who bought this item also bought…”
Amazon pioneered this technique and although no hard stats are available, we estimate that approx. 11% of its online sales can be credited to this technique. This may not sound much but with an annual revenue of almost $24 billion, that amount is quite significant.

Upselling online Technique 3: “If you like this item, you may also like…”
This technique can be used for upselling or cross-selling. For example, if a shopper is looking for an 32GB ipod, you can show them the higher priced 64GB version or show them accessories that can be used with the ipod.

Upselling online Technique 5: Free shipping with minimum spend
This is perhaps the most widely used technique within online shops and is usually quite effective. However, we see a lot of websites out there which make use of this but to avail free shipping usually means you have to make a significant purchase.

We think its important to make the offer affordable else there may not be enough shoppers making use of this. A good rule of thumb is to determine average order value and set the minimum spend amount just above this.

If you have used a technique yourself to improve your online sales, we’d love to hear about it. Please get in touch with us here.

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