SEO in Kent

If you’re looking for a reliable service for SEO in Kent that can generate leads not just website visitors, Flow20 can help.

Since 2008, Flow20 has been helping small and medium sized businesses grow with the help of top 5 organic rankings on page 1 via SEO that is designed to bring in leads.

By looking at SEO not as a means to get your website to top of page 1 rankings but rather as a way to grow your business, Flow20 has created a proven track record help businesses like yours grow.

This isn’t just saying what we think you want to hear. With no contracts, no minimum term restrictions and a monthly report that includes complete work carried out including lead generation (ask us for a sample), we believe lead generation is the cornerstone of any successful SEO campaign.
At the heart of any successful SEO campaign is a solid keyword strategy and user friendly landing pages which is why when we begin an SEO campaign we don’t just look at keywords alone.

For example, Flow20 allocates approx. 60% of the keyword mix towards long tail keywords as these have a conversion rate of approx. 4% compared to about 0.5% for short tail keywords. Over a medium time period, this can have a significant impact to campaign ROI, or lack thereof.

Any good SEO agency knows that getting the website to page 1 is only half the job. Equally important is having strategies in place to convert that traffic into leads which is why Flow20 also optimises landing pages to maximise visitor-to-lead conversion rates.
In all the years that Flow20 has been providing SEO, a complaint we’ve heard time and time again from new clients who have had SEO in the past is that they didn’t quite know what their money was being spent on. In other words, they didn’t have any regular reports sent which detailed all the activates that was being carried out.

If this sounds familiar, you’ll be happy to know that you won’t experience the same with Flow20. When clients choose us to get them to page 1, we know they’re putting in a lot of trust not just money and transparency is important.

Each month, Flow20 provides a detailed report of all important campaign Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including but not limited to: rankings of all keywords being optimised, number of organic visitors to your website, quality of traffic as well as conversion rate.

What’s more, we provide a detailed work report each month too which also gives you details of all work we carried out – whether that’s links built, content written and published, number of Facebook or Social Media shares or likes we were able to generate for your website and so on.

No contracts, pay on results

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee a top 5 ranking and we would humbly ask you to be careful of companies who pitch guaranteed rankings on Google.

When it comes to SEO, Google is extremely secretive about how its algorithm works and what you need to do to get page 1 listings.

However, what we can give you assurances about is our capabilities and numerous examples of our clients who currently enjoy a regular stream of leads coming in via SEO.

You’d also be pleased to know that Flow20 doesn’t do contracts on its SEO service which means that its very much in our interest not just to get your website to the top of page 1 but also keep you there month after month.
That’s correct. Unlike most SEO companies or agencies, Flow20 does not do contracts as we believe this gives our clients greater peace of mind whilst keeping us on our toes at all times. This is perhaps one of the reasons why we have many clients that have been with us for over 5 years, something that is very uncommon in the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) field.

In our 9 years of experience optimising websites, the reasons we tend to find as the cause of a low or non-existent ROI on SEO campaigns comes down to just a few. And this applies whether you’re looking for SEO Kent or elsewhere.

The biggest one perhaps is an ineffective keyword strategy. For most small businesses, a SEO campaign needs to deliver leads not brand awareness and going for high volume, short tail keywords is a sure-fire way to keep your ROI low.

Short tail keywords, while having high search volumes have a notoriously low conversion rate which often results in those valuable page 1 listings not turning into business. At Flow20, we like to keep the keyword mix fluid with approx. 65% of all keywords allocated to long tail with the remainder allocated to short tail or very long tail keywords.

Another bottleneck in the ROI process is usually the quality of the landing pages. Lets face it, you can get all the traffic in the world, if your website doesn’t do its job properly of converting visitors into leads, you’re never going to get a good return.

By looking at SEO beyond page 1 listings, Flow20 is able to create a strategy that is designed to deliver leads and not just website visitors.

For more on this topic, see related blog post.
Even though SEO has changed significantly since the early days, link building is still one of the biggest factors in the ranking algorithm which is why Flow20 allocates approx. 60% of monthly resources to this activity.

Getting relevant and good quality backlinks is key to a successful campaign and we like to focus on quality rather than quantity here (full list of links built is provided in our monthly report)

Having relevant and frequently published content is important too and each month, depending on campaign size, our inhouse SEO copywriter will produce a number of blog posts to be published on your own blog or website.

Social signals i.e. the amount of shares and likes your website blog posts and pages get is a ranking factor too and each month we work towards getting your pages liked and shared on Social Media channels.

A full list of activities to be undertaken is decided upon depending on the campaign and list provided upon start.
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